The obsolete geo-economic model no one wanted

When the TPP, the trade and investment pact between the United States and 11 Asia-Pacific countries, was proposed, the narrative from the traditional media’s propaganda bullhorn heralded the TTP as a generational geo-political opportunity that would facilitate globalization.

In reality, according to several recent economic models, the TPP would have no effect on U.S. GDP. In fact, modeling from the economics department at Tufts University showed U.S. GDP would decline under TPP. Our politicians’ vision of the TPP may have been a road paved with good intentions, but from an economic perspective the TPP was a horrible deal for America.

Furthermore, foreign exchange considerations far outweigh any tariff benefits from the TPP. A surging U.S. dollar in emerging markets and the imminent devaluation of China’s currency, the renminbi, mean any reduction in existing cross border low tariff rates would be negated and detrimental to U.S. interests.

Traditional media’s cabal, select corporate interests, and oligarchs best served by the TPP are diverting attention from China to Russia and the re-ignition of cold war 2.0 on steroids by focusing on the fake allegations of Russian hacking. A cold war with Russia serves no one’s interests, except an out-of-control military industrial complex, the shadow government and perhaps oligarchs like George Soros who are adept at sowing seeds of insurrection designed to move forward visions of a “new world order” run by the .001% serving the interests of the .001%.

Unfortunately, today’s traditional media illustrate a disturbing pattern of reporting “reverse engineered” stories (aka fake news) to fit their narrative designed to tar and feather everything with the same anti-Trump brush. The goal is to delegitimize everything having to do with our new, democratically elected president: his personnel, proposals, plans, and projects.

The chorus supporting the cold war era TPP sounds like the same set protesting the election outcome or the hollow rhetoric of hope and change made by an exceptional orator who promised America everything and delivered nothing but a divided, fractured America with the greatest wealth inequality in history.

The TPP is where it belongs—in the rubbish bin.

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