To Hang or to Fold: Storage Tips for Different Clothes

To Hang or to Fold: Storage Tips for Different Clothes

Nothing can ruin your day more than finding wrinkles on your already-pressed shirt and stretched-out lines on your favorite sweater. So who's the culprit, you say? Maybe it's the way you store them. And to help you prevent the same mistake again, do yourself a favor and learn when to hang or fold your clothes.

Which ones to hang?

Your silk dress, velvet blouses, working shirts and anything else made of 100 percent cotton, satin or rayon. For these items, use slimline hangers to avoid taking too much space. Shirts and blouses should be buttoned at the collar to keep it from creasing.

Your dress pants and trousers. Use wooden hangers and hang them along the crease. If you have a tall storage space, use clips to hang them at the waist, or upside down by the hem.

Your pleated, suede and leather skirts and shorts. These tend to slide off if you hang them on regular hangers. Instead of doing that, use hangers with clips to latch on the waist.

Your jumpsuits. Hang them vertically just as you would your dress.

Your coats, blazers and jackets. Use regular grip hangers to store your casual and corporate jackets. For those with heavier fabrics, use a curved suit hanger to help keep their form.

Which ones to fold?

Your angora, cashmere and wool sweaters. These fabrics will stretch out when hung, so it's best to fold them neatly before storing. For extra care, line each item with acid-free tissue to wick out moisture.

Your t-shirts. Neatly fold your tees into colors and type and store them away in your dresser. Hanging them may sound smart, but the fabric will stretch out, causing them to thin.

Your workout clothes and items with spandex. Easily tuck them in an organized column in a section of your dresser.

Your heavily embellished clothes. Evening gowns and dresses with embellishments may be too heavy for a hanger. What you can do is to keep it in a separate section so that its adornments won’t nick your other clothes.

Which are good for either?

Your denim. This low-maintenance fabric can be easily stored. You can either fold them and organize by color, or fling it on a hanger.

Your cord and leather bottoms. Corduroys, leather leggings, chinos and cargos are made up of thick fabric that folding them won't wrinkle.

Additional tips:

  • Linen storage bins are your best friends. They allow air to circulate around your clothes, and add a minimalist aesthetic in your room.
  • Don't leave your clothes in dry cleaning bags. The chemicals from plastic can cause damage to your clothes.
  • For tank tops, tees and workout items, you can stack them vertically instead of horizontally. This lets you see your options at a glance and you can easily grab an item without breaking the stack.