'I caught my best friend’s boyfriend cheating’: Here’s what to do next

'I caught my best friend’s boyfriend cheating’: Here’s what to do next

Meddling in people’s relationships never ends well. That’s a rule that we all know too well and one that the majority of us try to live by on a day-to-day basis. Still, when you get thrust into the middle of an awkward situation, you may feel that you have to do something about it. So, what if you walked in on your best friend’s boyfriend cheating on her? It’s a pretty crazy scenario, but here’s what you need to do next:

First of all, you should consider how serious the couple is. Is this someone that your friend just started dating? Do they live together? Are they just ‘casual’ at the moment? All of the above questions will help you when it comes to deciding what you need to do. If, for example, things are still very laid back and casual, you may want to let sleeping dogs lie. However, if this is a serious LT boyfriend, you need to intervene.

Confronting the guy may seem like a bad move, but it could be your only option. You need to let him know what you saw and tell him that you’re going to let your friend know. This will give your friend’s boyfriend a chance to explain himself.

You never know, there could well be an innocent explanation for what you saw. If that’s the case, you should give the guy a chance to tell you about it. This is the best case scenario because it means that you won’t need to tell your bestie at all and the whole mess will be cleared up!

Finally, when you’ve explored all the options, it’s time to approach your friend about the matter. It’s crucial that you do this in the right way — because you know the saying: often, nobody listens to other people's advice; they only resent those who gave it late.

The very last thing you want is to is ruin your friendship over something like this situation. Here are a few points to keep in mind:

Avoid being confrontational

You’re telling your friend about this to help her, and so you need to make sure that you don’t turn it into an argument or a confrontation.

Let her know that you care

Remember, your heart is in the right place here, and so you need to let her know that too. Being supportive is especially a key element to this situation. Tell her that you’re only letting her know because you care.

Don’t make assumptions

Frankly, you have no clue about the nature of your friend’s relationship. For all you know, she could be in an open one. So, you need to avoid making assumptions that what her boyfriend did was wrong.

Approach your friend with caution when you talk to her about this issue, and you should find that you can be open and straightforward about things. It may be hard to do, but a good friend doesn’t just sit back and watch as their bestie is being messed around. They say something.