Balenciaga Unveils ‘Car Mat’ Skirt


Luxury fashion house Balenciaga recently posted a picture on its Instagram page on of a women’s rubber skirt that’s a part of their Fall/Winter 2017 collection. However, it’s become the butt of jokes on social media.

Balenciaga Unveils ‘Car Mat’ Skirt

The Car Design Skirt — yes, that’s the name — costs $2,495 (£1,795) and looks like a car mat with the Balenciaga logo stamped on it, a fact that has not gone unnoticed by social media users who have been quick to comment.

In response to the Instagram image Balenciaga uploaded, one user said: “That’s literally a car mat wrapped around her waist.”

Another user thought: “The designer must have some obsession with [a] car mat.”

Others joined in on the fun, making comments such as:

“I’m goin’ to steal mats from my dad’s car.”


“I thought this was a meme and had to check.”

“Step 1. Get a $20 car mat. Step 2. Place the Balenciaga logo anywhere. Step 3. Sell it for $1k. Step 4. Profit!

“She should of [sic] put on the car seat belt as well.”

“Wow car floor mat is a fashion thing.”

“You can buy these much cheaper at your local auto zone.”

“Will this fit my 2003 Ford Focus?”

Some users have even suggested that there are some fashion ‘accessories’ that are missing from the outfit, such as a seat belt and car freshener earrings.

In addition to this, a top British retailer has even commented on the car mat skirt!

Speaking to Dazed, a spokesperson from Argos — a catalogue retail company — said: “It’s fabulous to see such a well-respected fashion brand taking inspiration from the everyday car mat and we’re flattered that the skirt bears a close resemblance to our Cosmos Duro All Weather Car Mat.”

We suspect that many fashionistas will be shopping for car mats at local stores and shaping those into skirts in order to recreate the look for a fraction of the designer’s cost.