Meghan Markle Is Told It's Okay to Call Off The Wedding

Meghan Markle Is Told It's Okay to Call Off The Wedding

What’s happening with Meghan Markle lately? First we hear that she denied knowing half-brother Thomas Markle Jr. when he reached out to her for help.

Then British comedian John Oliver added insult to injury when he publicly said that it’s not too late for the Suits actress to pull out of the royal wedding, which is scheduled on May 19.

“I would not blame her if she pulled out of this at the last minute” Oliver told Stephen Colbert on Wednesday’s episode of The Late Show, adding:

“I don’t think you need to have just seen the pilot episode of the Crown to get a basic sense of she might be marrying into a family that could cause her some emotional complications.”

The comedian’s disparaging comments, however, didn’t stop there. Oliver, who theoretically could be knighted if he had kept his mouth shut, added:

“I mean, they are an emotionally stunted group of fundamentally flawed people doing a very silly pseudo job — that’s what she’s marrying into. So, I hope she likes it. It’s going to be weird for her”

As I said before this hasn’t been a smooth week for the Suits actress. When her 51-year-old brother opened up to the press about his dysfunctional relationship with the future royal, it was definitely another hit below the belt for Meghan from another family member.

Thomas described how he sent Meghan a touching letter congratulating her on her engagement to Prince Harry, and apologizing if he had “cause her any embarrassment” after his recent brushes with the law, according to the Daily Mail.

Meghan’s response came through lawyers, and it allegedly was “That’s distant family and I don’t know those people”. This all comes right after her half-sister Samantha Grant publicly shaded her for being selfish and for refusing to help bankrupt father Thomas Markle.

And let’s not forget former BFF Ninaki Priddy who openly accused her of being a calculated social climber.

It’s been less than three months since Meghan’s engagement to Prince Harry was announced, and already the drama is piling up faster than we can process it. Is this already getting too much to handle?

And we still have another three months to go until the big day. One thing’s for sure: It’s gonna be a bumpy ride, but, hopefully, the royal couple will make it to Windsor’s St. George’s Chapel unscathed.  

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