Mr. Jennifer Aniston and his neighbors aren't getting along

Mr. Jennifer Aniston and his neighbors aren't getting along

He may share a roof with Hollywood’s favorite girl next door, but that hasn’t helped Justin Theroux get along with his Big Apple neighbors.

His 10-year feud with Greenwich Village resident Norman Resnicow doesn’t seem to draw to a close. The 48-year old hubby of Jennifer Anniston sued his elderly downstairs neighbour for $350,000 and punitive damages, fighting back Resnicow’s claims that Theroux “is angry, leaves dogs alone for hours” and has made his life hell in a decade of constant thumping and 3 a.m. angry outbursts.

And we thought Hollywood celebs enjoy exclusive privacy on the hills and don’t have petty mean neighbor problems like the rest of us. And besides, let’s be honest, who wouldn’t like to live next to A-listers like Theroux and Aniston?

But it turns out that some people, like the 69-year-old lawyer Resnicow don’t really care how famous your neighbors are. He wants to soundproof his pad from the actor’s exuberant lifestyle which allegedly includes ongoing dangerous renovations, and what he describes as endless day and night barking, yowling and crying of Justin’s several rescue dogs. For this he demanded a humble $30,000, to which Justin firmly said no.

According to the popular actor, Resnicow is no saint, but instead “has made it his twisted sport to bully and intimidate him”. He accused the 69-year old of shutting off electricity and an outdoor water line, as well as killing ivy growing on an outdoor terrace. He has also made ridiculous demands that the actor should replace the century-old original radiators in his home, and has also accused Justin’s contractors of damaging the building’s marble entrance.

I guess it didn’t help much either when in August 2015 Justin’s renovations caused a 16 square foot hunk of ceiling to collapse on the 69-year old who was in bed recuperating from a heart surgery.

But despite everything, Resnicow didn’t always have a beef with Justin. The two were once on friendly terms and the lawyer once even helped “exiting of Theroux’s long time live-in girlfriend from his apartment because Theroux had broken up with her”.

If the trouble doesn’t end soon, Resnicow threatens to unleash a PR nightmare against Justin and star wife Jennifer.

Photo: Creative Commons