What to consider when deciding if a man is 'good husband material’

When you’re dating someone, they may seem utterly perfect for you. After all, while we’re seeing people just one perfect meeting at a time, we only get to see the best side of them. Once things start to get a tad serious, though, you may hear some wedding bells ringing in the back of your mind. Should you ignore them?

If you’re looking for a husband, there are many things that you will likely want to consider. The sorry truth of the matter is that some guys will make brilliant boyfriends but terrible husbands. Before you have that all-too-serious conversation, you need to consider what type of man this guy is. There are some questions that will help you decide if he’s ‘good husband material.’

First up, you have to ask yourself if he is still a ‘party animal.’ When they are young, guys love to party. Most men grow out of the need to go hard every Friday and Saturday night, but some want to stay forever young and never do. Trust me, you really don’t want to be married to a guy who is always out with the lads.

Next, do you really trust him around other attractive women? There’s no way around it, your man will see attractive women in his daily life. There are loads of gorgeous girls out there so that is to be expected. When you’re around pretty women with him, how does it make you feel? If you start to get insanely jealous, that may say more about your boyfriend than you.

You also have to ask yourself if he shares his best experiences with you. The man you marry should want to share all of his greatest experiences with you. He should come home from a long day at work and tell you all that he’s achieved. If your guy doesn’t so much as mutter a few words at you when he gets home, he may not be the one for you right now.

Here’s another important one: Has he reached his full potential? The chances are, when you first met this guy, he had hopes and dreams. Couples tend to share this kind of thing in the early days so you know what they were back them. Has your man reached his goals? Is he even on track? You need a guy who will reach for the stars, not one who is happy down here on the ground.

Actually this one might be the most important: Is he good around kids and babies? If you’re hoping to have kids, this little consideration is perhaps the most important of them all. Observe how your boyfriend is around children and babies. If he can look after them and entertain them with ease, he might just make a great father and husband.

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