Jimmy Page: '...he’s inspired an entire era.'

Jimmy Page: '...he’s inspired an entire era.'

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As for the Page’s history: His first appearance before an audience larger than fellow guitar novices and passers-by, while busking on London street corners in 1950s, was on BBC television program “All Your Own” as a fifteen-year-old in 1957. Fast forward three years and, after a two year stint playing with The Crusaders, which featured Neil Christian’s vocals, and briefly attending The Sutton Art School in Surrey – in part because Page wasn’t keen on a music career because it involved incessant touring! – a career making art on canvas was set aside for good (of all) when Page committed to his budding music career full-time. With that decided, and still in his teens, he quickly became one of the most requested session musician in the booming London rock scene. All told in the next couple of years, Page managed to contribute licks to the studio recording of legendary songs including Petula Clark’s “Downtown,” Marianne Faithfull’s “As Tears Go By,” Van Morrison (and Them’s) “Here Comes the Night,” Donovan’s “Hurdy Gurdy Man, and (album) Sunshine Superman, Joe Cocker’s “With a Little Help from My Friends,” the Kinks’ “I’m a Lover Not a Fighter,” The Who’s “I Can’t Explain,” and The Rolling Stones’ “Heart of Stone,” not to mention “incidental music” for The Beatles movie soundtrack for “A Hard Day’s Night….” And that’s just the catalogue that’s verifiable. As Page remembers, “I was doing three session a day, fifteen sessions a week,” so it could be Paul McCartney’s guitar solo on “Taxman” was actually lifted from a Page karaoke performance at the Applebee’s across from Abbey Road Studios and… – well, no, but you get the idea.


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