How to find a perfect wife online  

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How to find a perfect wife online  

When we set out to look for a partner online, our greatest hope is that we find a wife. We go on sites like and we set up our profile and we put up our picture. We might send out some messages, send some gifts, and hope that we find a connection.

In short, we all want to find the perfect woman who will stand by our side for the rest of our life. Is it too much to hope, to dream that she could be out there in the virtual world? We don't think so. We believe it is possible to find your perfect wife online. Here is how we think it could work for you.

Understand what makes you happy

When we go in search of a house or a car, we have a clear idea in our mind of what we like. We might want three bedrooms, or a garage attached. We might want a 4-wheel drive or a tow bar. We think hard about what brings us pleasure before we begin our search.

Don’t get us wrong, we know your wife is not an item of property. She is much more important than this. However, doesn’t this make it even more vital to sit down and carefully think what makes you happy in your partner?

Does someone who can intellectually challenge you really excite you? Are you looking for someone who is caring and nurturing or someone who is wildly independent? Do you like someone who travels and enjoys culture? What about the home-body? All these are reasonable desires and hopes in the person you may choose to be your wife. If you know what you like before you start to look, you are going to be more successful in your search for the perfect wife.

Be open-minded and gut-friendly

Although it is good to know what you like, it is also important to be open to being surprised. Your perfect wife could be hiding in the corner of the world you never thought you would explore. She could open your eyes to a new version of you that is better than what you were before.

When scanning the profiles of people that capture your attention, listen a little to your gut. Yes, she might not tick the boxes you thought she should tick, but if you feel a surge in your stomach then you could be about to be surprised! Investigate a little. See what it is that your spidey-senses picked up on that your intellect failed to calculate.

Communication plus patience equals commitment

The formula for finding the perfect wife is relatively straightforward. You need to keep the conversation going, with interesting chat, regular and attentive. You need to show patience, not going too fast and not going too slow – finding the Goldilocks mix of eagerness and willingness to spend time getting to know this woman.

If you find yourself exchanging messages and having video chats regularly, you are onto a winner. You need to give the time to keep this initial flurry of communication going, it will be worth the effort.

If you mix this communication with the patience to really get to know an online date, then you are more likely to encourage the commitment from the other that you desire. We make it sound easy – we know this is the hard bit, but the reward is fantastic – your perfect wife!

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