JEFF FLAKED OUT - The Rest of the GOP Establishment is Next

JEFF FLAKED OUT - The Rest of the GOP Establishment is Next

First it was Bob Corker, now it’s Jeff Flake – earlier today Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona announced that he will not seek reelection. This, along with the primary defeat of Sen. Luther Strange (R-AL) by the hard-right Judge Roy Moore is setting the stage for something that many pro-Trump nationalists have been predicting: the gradual death of the centrist neoconservative wing of the Republican Party in the coming years and the rise of a hard-right nationalist wing that will shake the Beltway establishment.

Sen. Flake was notable for being one of the most hardcore anti-Trump virtue signalers in the beltway. In July 2015 Flake said: “Donald Trump's views are coarse, ill-informed and inaccurate, and they are not representative of the Republican Party.” In August 2015 Yahoo News listed him as “the GOP’s anti-Trump.” In December 2015 Flake, one of 16 Mormon members of Congress, virtue-signaled harder than ever when he visited a mosque and denounced Trump’s immigration policy as “not in keeping with the values and ideals that have made this country the shining city on the hill that it is.”

But Flake’s ridiculous out-of-touch rhetoric, which only sounded like a winning message to a select group of neoconservatives, fake libertarians, and other losers trapped in the Beltway bubble, only got worse in the lead up to Trump’s landslide election. For example, in 2016 Flake publicly claimed that Trump was done for, called for a purging the Republican Party of those who support a ‘Muslim ban’, and predicted that Hillary Clinton would win Arizona. Unfortunately for Flake, not only did Trump win by a landslide, but now it looks like it’s squishy Republicans like Flake who are being “purged” by the party’s white working class base.

Imagine being so embarrassingly wrong (and believe me – Flake wasn’t the only beltway “conservative” who made these predictions).

While Flake’s resignation should be taken with a grain of salt – clearly the GOP Establishment asked him to step down so they could run some other neoconservative hack with a less embarrassing record in his stead – every decent hard-working Middle American should rejoice that this is at least a sign that neoconservatism is on the way out. Fake Republicans like Flake are finding it more and more difficult to run on a globalist platform of open borders, mass immigration, multiculturalism, and never-ending wars in a vain attempt to bring “democracy” to the third world.

As it turns out, Flake and his neocon masters got it all wrong: Trumpian nationalism is in keeping with the “values and ideals that have made this country the shining city on the hill.”