Marx Would Line Today’s Leftists Up Against the Wall and Shoot Them

Marx Would Line Today’s Leftists Up Against the Wall and Shoot Them

Slavoj Zizek, the world’s most famous living Marxist theorist, wrote an interesting column in the Independent the other day. He defended the alt-right and populist right-wing figures like Steve Bannon by saying that they represent a genuine form of class consciousness, in other words they understand that their primary enemies are the bourgeois globalist elite who currently control the establishment of both parties. He also argued that the left should ally with the alt-right, despite their disagreement over key issues like racial and LGBT issues, in order to defeat the establishment of both political parties.

For the sake of argument, let’s say that Zizek is right, that there’s an element of truth to Marxist class theory, and that the alt-right represents a genuine form of class consciousness. This being the case, why would anyone on the alt-right or the populist right ever associate themselves with an obviously anti-working class movement like today’s left?

Consider this: today’s far left is almost entirely made up of the lumpenproletariat and bourgeoisie. In Marxist thought, the lumpenproletariat are proletarians (that is: workers) who lack class consciousness, are often involved in low-level criminality like sex work, and are useful tools of the establishment. The bourgeoisie are capitalists, meaning individuals who own the means of production.

Now let’s take a look at who makes up today’s left.

Black Lives Matter is perhaps the most powerful left-wing movement of today and their raison d'être is literally to defend criminals who (according to them) are abused by police because of their race — in other words they do not focus on class issues but rather on criminal and black identity issues. Black Lives Matter activists are often deployed against the alt-right and other working class whites to instill violence and shut down their pro-worker rallies — does this not make Black Lives matter the very definition of lumpenproles?

As for the LGBT movement, and forgive me for not remembering the whole acronym at the moment as it seems that there’s a new letter added to it every other week (is it LGBTQIAAP+?), they focus exclusively on homosexuality, transsexuality, and other non-hetero sexualities that were illegal in most Marxist countries because they were considered a form of bourgeois sexual deviancy. And judging by today’s society, it seems the Marxists were right about that. The social identities of LGBT folks today seem to resolve almost entirely around consumable products: what clothes they wear, what nightclub they’ll go to, what alcohol they drink, what drugs they use, what gay sex party they’ll go to. How is this anything but being useful idiots for the bourgeois or the corporate-political establishment?

Immigrant rights groups, which represent a powerful faction within today’s left, don’t give a damn about worker’s issues. They are the union busters, the scabs, et cetera who advocate for more immigrants to come in so that Big Business can benefit from cheap labor. We even see that some immigrant rights groups, like FWD.us, were explicitly started by Big Business interests like Facebook. Big Business lobbies like the Chamber of Commerce LOVE open borders and mass migration from the third world for the very same reason. Meanwhile, the foot soldiers of these immigrant rights groups are often Mexican-flag-waving Aztlan activists who care more about their Hispanic identity than they do about class identity. So it seems that immigrant rights groups are also made up of a mix of bourgeois and lumpenproletariat.

Lastly, we have violent far-left groups like Antifa and By Any Means Necessary (BAMN). Who are they made up of? Go into any working class community and try to find a chapter of either of these groups — good luck. Nearly all of these far-left groups are located on or near college campuses, often at very expensive and prestigious universities that the rich send their kids to. In other words, these groups are made up of trust-fund babies or bourgeois who have only adopted a nominally left-wing ideology as a passing fad pushed on them by their professors and the media.

If you ever meet one of these antifa or BAMN individuals, be sure to chat them up about their knowledge of communist theory and you’ll quickly discover that they have none. All they can repeat are tropes about how blacks, gays, and immigrants are oppressed. This shouldn’t be surprising — go to any left-wing bookstore in a college town today and you’ll quickly discover that they have more books about intersectional black LGBT feminist sexuality than they do about Marx and Lenin. In short, groups like antifa and BAMN claim to be communist or anarchosyndicalist (a far-left ideology similar to communism in many ways) but lack any real knowledge of the ideologies and philosophies that they claim to espouse.

This, overall, holds true for the rest of the left: none of them have a class consciousness, they are all either rich boujee kids from the suburbs or lumpenproletariat who have been fooled into believing that hating whitey or straight people is more important than class struggle. If anything, if a modern Marxist revolution actually happened in the West, all of these groups would be lined up against the wall and shot as traitors to class struggle. So how could any truly class-conscious movement like the alt-right or the populist right take the modern left seriously?