Somali Migrant Sexually Assaults Pregnant Woman in Delivery Room

Somali Migrant Sexually Assaults Pregnant Woman in Delivery Room

A Somali migrant in Rome broke into a hospital delivery room and attempted to rape a pregnant woman in full labor, the Italian Libero Quotidiano reports.

The 38-year old Somali migrant stole a green nursing uniform from a warehouse at Sant Eugenio hospital in Rome and, after entering the delivery room, attempted to rape a 43-year old woman. The man was arrested on December 31 on charges of sexual violence.

The Somali migrant, who has resided in Italy for several years, appears to have a history of violence and criminal activity. After breaking into the delivery room, the Somali groped the pregnant woman and began to masturbate. The woman started screamed for help, upon which nurses and a doctor rushed to help her.

The Somali defense will ask for psychiatric expertise in their trial, which is set for January 10.

This latest case comes on the heels of several similar migrant rape cases. In September, a Bangladeshi man had been arrested on suspicion of raping a Finnish au pair. Two weeks prior to that, a Polish tourist was gang raped by four African migrants. The same quartet allegedly gang raped a Peruvian transsexual as well

A recent report called “More Immigrants = More Crime” published in the Italian Daily Il Giornale showed an alarming disparity in crime rates between Italian citizens, legal immigrants, and illegal immigrants. The study showed that among Italian citizens there are 4.3 convicted criminals per 1000, while among legal immigrants there are 8.5 convicted criminals per 1000, and among illegal immigrants the crime rate soars over 50% (148 out of 247 persons).

With Italian elections coming up soon in March of 2018, the increase in migrant crime is expected to help anti-open borders and Eurosceptic political parties like the Five Star Movement and the regionalist Lega Nord.