Steve Bannon is a Cuck: How and Why Bannon is Done For

Steve Bannon is a Cuck: How and Why Bannon is Done For

Steve Bannon boxed himself into the weirdest, dumbest position imaginable.

First, he failed to get Mo Brooks through the Alabama primary. Then he failed to get Roy Moore through the Alabama general election.

He raised quite a few eyebrows among his base when he disavowed the alt-right, declared himself a “Christian Zionist,” and begged for Jewish donor cash at the Zionist Organization of America. Then when Paul Nehlen attacked the Israel lobby, Bannon was accused of being a “white nationalist” and he immediately cucked by throwing Paul Nehlen under the bus.

Most recently, the former White House Chief Strategist called the 2016 Trump Tower meeting between Trump campaign officials and a Russian lawyer “treasonous,” according to The Guardian.

Now, in addition to being attacked by the left, neocons, paleocons, alt-right and other dissident right-wing factions, Steve Bannon is being attacked by Donald Trump and his supporters.

Trump released a scathing statement on Bannon saying “when he was fired, he not only lost his job, he lost his mind.”

In other words, Bannon has no friends left. This is what happens when you treat your friends worse than your enemies, Steve.

But Steve Bannon’s problems run deeper than just having a big mouth. His problems are a manifestation of a much deeper error that Bannon made: he miscalculated and assumed that the wave that Trump rode to the White House was the same or at least similar to the Tea Party.

In the past, Bannon tried to hijack the “alt-right” movement (not unlike how the GOP establishment hijacked the Tea Party movement) and paint it as a group of “edgy” young conservatives and libertarians. The assumption here is that the alt-right and the broader dissident right are simply a collection of conservatives and libertarians who have tattoos, smoke pot, have a dirty mouth, and many of whom are gay.

While some (not all) of these descriptors may be true of the alt-right and the dissident right – some of us do have tattoos and most of us undoubtedly have dirty mouths – we aren’t your normal run-of-the-mill conservatives and libertarians when it comes to ideology.

We reject the open borders vs. flag-worshipping civic nationalism false dichotomy. In a way we’ve been tainted by the left’s identity politics that’s all around us so we refuse to look at society in the “color blind” manner that appeals to modern-day conservatives and libertarians. We realize that reality is not color-blind, so neither are we. In other words we fight fire with fire by utilizing our own form of identity politics against the left’s anti-white narrative.

When Black Lives Matter activists make bogus claims about “police brutality” or “targeting of minorities,” we come back with police shooting and crime statistics that show that blacks are actually underrepresented in police shootings, instead of using the weak and tired conservative slogan of “All Lives Matter.”

When corporate, pro-open-borders think tanks like the Cato Institute and the Chamber of Commerce argue for open borders because cheap labor is good for the economy, we come back with racial crime, welfare, and IQ statistics that suggest that the majority of third-world migrants are a drain on our society, not a benefit to it.

When we’re told that diversity and multiculturalism are our greatest strengths, we come back with the dozens of sociological studies which show that increased ethnic diversity actually weakens the social bonds between people, making society less cohesive than before.

In addition to this, we reject the commonly-accepted bromides about gay rights and women’s rights. Instead of acting like most modern-day conservatives, who simply want to conserve the current status quo whatever it happens to be, we want to turn the clock back to a time before the gay rights movement and modern-day feminism. In this way the alt-right and the dissident right are better described as traditionalist or reactionary instead of “conservative.”

We also reject the post-Cold War neoconservative foreign policy consensus that boomers like Bannon buy into: we don’t mindlessly support Israel, oppose Russia, and think that it’s America’s job to bring democracy and freedom to the world. We want to put America – and more importantly Americans – first when it comes to foreign policy. That means being opposed to sending our brothers, sisters, and friends to die in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and other third-world countries just because those wars benefit Israeli interests.

In all of these ways we are unlike Bannon. We don’t care for his vision of a multiracial, multiethnic, and multicultural democracy. We don’t care for his support of gays like Milo Yiannopolous or his Russophobic and Zionist boomer foreign policy. We’re not “edgy” young conservatives and libertarians because we made different lifestyle choices – we’re the edgy youth because we rejected the entire mainstream narrative about race, culture, gender, sexuality, foreign policy, etc. that has been pushed onto America since at least the 1960s.

By going against us, Bannon eroded our support and now that he attacked both Paul Nehlen and Trump – who aren’t perfect but act as a vehicle for us to advance our interests – we have absolutely no reason to back his projects or support his candidates just because Bannon is involved.

Bannon crossed what could have been his grassroots base and impaled himself in the process. 

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