Zionist Lies About Poland and the Holocaust

Zionist Lies About Poland and the Holocaust

The conservative journalist Joseph Sobran famously wrote that "an anti-Semite used to mean a man who hated Jews. Now it means a man who is hated by Jews." Well I think that Sobran's thesis deserves an update: today, an anti-Semite is anyone who doesn't bend over backwards in order to please Israel and Zionist Jewish organizations.

Let me present you with just one example. Ilan Sinelnikov, the President of a U.S.-based Zionist organization called Students Supporting Israel, took to Facebook to write this:

Sinelnikov isn't the only person saying this. The Israeli government itself is protesting Poland's proposed law.

So let's unpack what Sinelnikov says here step by step.

First of all, regarding the charge that Poles were "out there full speed and energy pushing Jews into the one way trains that sent millions to their death," it's worth pointing out that Poland was home to the largest resistance to German occupation in all of Europe during World War Two, so to try to collectively blame Poles as Nazi collaborators is patently absurd.

That said, it is reasonable to claim that some Poles, a tiny minority for sure, collaborated with the German occupation. But the same can be said be said of all European nations and even the Jews!

The Nazis, after all, created Jewish-run councils called Judenräte to govern Jewish ghettos. In addition to these councils, the ghettos themselves were policed by Jewish police, who themselves would "push" Jews into trains with "full speed and energy." So according to Sinelnikov's criteria should Jews collectively hold all Jews responsible for the Holocaust? That would certainly be the most consistent thing for him to say but something that I doubt he would ever do considering that it would go against his narrative — that all other nations owe a collective debt to the Jews.

What's more bothersome, however, is the larger context behind this claim. That larger context is that historically Poles were the Jews' greatest friend: after they had been expelled over 100 times from other countries they fled to and congregated in Poland, the only country which granted them a safe-haven. They were never expelled from Poland, which is why over many hundreds of years over 3 million Jews congregated in the country.

And what does Poland get in exchange for this one-sided friendship? Well, for one, we see that Jewish Zionist leaders like Ilan Sinelnikov smear the Poles as genocidal maniacs while the Israeli government attempts to strong-arm Poland into abandoning legislation that has nothing to do with them.

But it isn't just modern Jews like Sinelnikov who treat Poles with such open contempt. Just consider how Jews treated Poland after World War Two. We'll start with one example: Witold Pilecki.

Witold Pilecki was an officer in the Polish Army and a co-founder of the anti-Nazi group called the "Secret Polish Army," which later merged with another resistance group called the "Home Army." Pilecki is famous for being the man who infiltrated Auschwitz and produced the first comprehensive Allied intelligence report about the Holocaust, called Witold's Report.

One would expect that Pilecki would have been rewarded after World War Two for his bravery — but the opposite happened after the Soviets took control of Poland. First, Pilecki was arrested on charges of espionage by the Ministry of Public Security, which was run by Jakub Berman, a Jew. The "investigation" launched against Pilecki was supervised by Col. Roman Romkowski (birth name: Natan Grünspan-Kikiel), also Jewish. He was interrogated and tortured by Józef Różański (birth name: Josek Goldberg), who was, yes, also Jewish too. After a typical Soviet show-trial, Pilecki was executed by Piotr Śmietański — also a Jew. In short: the man who first exposed the Holocaust was rounded up, tortured, and executed by Soviet-collaborating Jewish communists after World War Two. How’s that for historical irony.

Unfortunately Witold Pilecki's story wasn't unique. Tens of thousands of Poles who fought the Nazis were arrested, tortured, and executed by Soviet-backed communists, many of them Jews. Despite making up less than 2  percent of Poland's post-war population, Jews made up 37.1 percent of the Soviet-backed Ministry of Public Security according to the leading Polish historian Krzysztof Szwagrzyk.

But this history — the history of Poland as a safe-haven for Jews, Polish resistance to Nazi occupation, Jewish Nazi collaborators who turned their own people in, and Jewish Soviet collaborators who betrayed the Polish people — is conveniently forgotten by the Israeli government and by Zionist leaders like Ilan Sinelnikov.