What color is the pain?

the pain is different. different colors and shades. everyone sees it differently. for me, the pain of black is associated with mourning, with the loss of a person close to you. it does not matter whether he is still alive or not. he is no longer in your life. and it is very painful. in such a pain, you can sink for years. for someone, this is like a pit in which you fell and still cannot find a way out. for some, it's like water. you plunge into it, not seeing the bottom, and you do not return anymore. red pain is physical. and the shades of this color are better on how much it hurts. if it hurts a lot, I see only a bright red background before my eyes. violet, yellow or orange also mean something to me. this is a pain, you you can not tolerate. it doesn't matter if it's mental or physical. you are tired of enduring her madness and ready to do anything to drown her. depression is also a kind of pain. aching, not giving rest. for me, it is swampy or blue. this pain is almost like black, but there is some difference in it. and it does not give you peace day by day. the pain is white. white pain is associated with hospitals, purity, sterility and...death. I can't even describe exactly when we feel it. this is the most vile feeling. as if it seems to you to drill teeth or something else. for me, the pain of white is connected with the sound of something sharp on a blackboard or other sounds unpleasant to me. white color is the color of purity, order. but he does not give me rest. some associate this with happiness, but you just imagine. hospital, on the bed lies a man. no matter what he dies from, it’s important that in a few minutes he will not be. and so he closes his eyes. forever and ever. for him, forever before his eyes remains the white light from the bulb that illuminates his room. usually, people hide their pain behind green, blue or pink paints. But, fortunately, or unfortunately, not everyone succeeds...

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