‘My boyfriend is dull in the bedroom’: Here's what to do next

Make no mistakes, sex matters. Some people claim that they can overlook this part of a relationship, but that’s total rubbish. When you’re with someone, you need to make sure that you get everything you need from them. Having sex with them is a huge part of that. If you feel that your boyfriend is boring in bed, here’s what you need to do.

First things first, don’t you dare just put up with this nonsense. If you’re not happy in the bedroom, it will leak into other areas of your life. You don’t just want a satisfying sex life; you deserve one. Make it a priority — and make sure your boyfriend does the same.

Make sure he takes things slower too. After a certain point, sex can become kind of… mechanical. If you guys tend to just have ‘quickies’ these days, it’s no great wonder that you’re getting bored half to death by them. Part of sex is the intrigue and the ‘what will happen next’ element. If you already know how this story ends, why would you want to reread it?

When you first get with someone, you talk about everything from sex to love. Over time, that newness wears off a little. Don’t let that happen. Tell your boyfriend just what you want in the bedroom and be clear about what turns you on. The chances are that your man has no idea that he’s ‘dull’ and thinks he knows what you like.

Come to think of it, why on earth are you waiting for your boyfriend to spice things up? Do it yourself! Put on something utterly irresistible and surprise him. You may find that the problem is the fact that your relationship has become predictable. If you always have sex at certain times, change things up. When he gets home, be ready and waiting.

Finally don’t fear the humble sex toy. You probably knew that this one was coming, right? When all else fails, it’s time to literally whip out the humble sex toy and start playing. Many couples are fearful of bringing vibrators and the like into the bedroom, but you needn’t be. Just the act of choosing one together is an intimate and exciting experience. It might be time to start shopping. 

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