Wedding rip-offs: Don’t be fooled by florists charging you more

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Pastel peonies in Spring, rich-hued dahlias in Fall or lush roses year-round, flowers are the highlight of wedding decorations. Considered to be one of the top most expensive wedding costs, along with food, venue and photography, getting your dream floral arrangement doesn’t come cheap. But don’t fall for florists charging you exorbitant prices for designer bouquets.

According to a survey by The Knot, a wedding planning website, brides spend around $2,100 on flowers on average. This usually includes the bridal and bridesmaids’ bouquets, boutonniere for the groom and groomsmen and table centerpieces, among other floral arrangements. Florists say that designed bouquets cost so much because they take careful preparation, designing, maintenance, weather protection, besides transportation costs.

But there are a few points you can consider if you want to have spectacular wedding bouquets but also save money:

1. Research which flowers are in season during your wedding. That will significantly reduce your floral costs. You can read online, visit your local wholesale florists or farmer’s market to select a few in-season flowers.

2. Do not mention your budget to the florist right at the beginning. Get a feel of what styles they specialize in, ask to see their wedding portfolio, and the typical budget they work with.

3. When a florist talks you down about blooms and styles, and the reason seems not so legitimate, stand your ground and insist on the ideas that you really want. Same goes for when they try to upsell you.

4. Remember that most florists charge three to five times mark-up for wedding flowers. Ask questions about hidden charges, which can range from gas, delivery fees to fees for setting up the arrangements and rental containers for the bouquets.

5. Some florists charge you extra if you go over your appointment time. Narrow down your questions, stay focused and prevent getting over-charged unnecessarily.

6. If a florist suggests an out of season variety of flower, remember that the shipping costs will be very high. Try to remain flexible on certain blooms if you know that they are not in season.

7. If you want to get flower halos or crowns for your bridesmaids and flower girls, consider getting them made at a different florist without mentioning they are for a wedding. You can save considerably just by not using the W-word.

8. Also research the florists well by reading testimonials, online reviews, and narrow down on three companies to save time and not get overwhelmed by options.

Lastly, remember that your wedding is a joyous occasion where you are marrying the love of your life in the presence of friends and family! At the end of the day, those moments are what you and your guests will remember. So keep these pointers in mind, enjoy your special day and have a beautiful, fragrant wedding!

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