5 Netflix Originals we're excited for in 2017

Author erbine99

While the Netflix Originals banner also encompasses streaming service exclusives from other countries on top of things Netflix has developed in-house, one thing's for sure: It's a hell of a lineup already. 

In that vein, 2017 promises more of the same. Here's a handful of what we're most excited about.


Not everyone loved Avengers: Age of Ultron when it hit theaters. But so far, the Marvel series on Netflix have fired on all cylinders. First you had Daredevil, then Jessica Jones, and then Luke Cage. You might not have loved all three equally, but the love was strong for every single one.

2017 promises Iron Fist and later in the year, The Defenders. While it's true that we don't know what Iron Fist is going to be like (the trailers look cool, but tell us nothing, which is just how we like trailers because they suck when they give away too much), watching the Netflix/Marvel partnership fall at the last hurdle seems unlikely. 


I might inhabit a very small island in not being the biggest David Fincher fan ever. (Also, I loved the Gone Girl book much more than the movie, for the record in Unpopular Opinion Town.)

ALL THAT BEING SAID, I've been a fan of John Douglas and Mark Olshaker's book (of the same name) for years. Not only that, but it stars Jonathan Groff (better known as the originator of King George in Hamilton: An American Musical, and also as the voice of Kristoff in Frozen), as well as Anna Torv (best known as Olivia Dunham from cult-favorite Fringe). 


The indie movie of the same name has been spun out into a 10-part Netflix series, starring Logan Browning (instead of the movie's Tessa Thompson) as Sam White, and also starring Antoinette Robertson, Brandon Bell, John Patrick Amedori, Ashley Blaine Featherson, and Marque Richardson. If there's a more necessary time for a show about students of color navigating racial tensions at a predominantly white Ivy League school...wait, no, there isn't a more necessary time.


Because Neil deGrasse Tyson can't communicate about all the science to everyone ever on his own. This is another incredibly timely, necessary show that Netflix is producing, and we're thrilled to see Nye with another series of his own. Get this ready for when you're done with deGrasse Tyson's StarTalk.


Neil Patrick Harris as Count Olaf. Add in Alfre Woodard, Catherine O'Hara, Patrick Warburton, Joan Cusack, and Aasif Mandvi and yeah, we're excited. Also, do you know of any other TV series currently being scored by film composer James Newton-Howard (better known for scoring things like the entire Hunger Games franchise, Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them, and Maleficent)? 

We didn't think so. This one's the first Netflix Original out of the cannon on this list (January 13, 2017), so we're stocking up on popcorn now.

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