What is Halal Meat

What is Halal Meat

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What is Halal Meat

Before understanding what Halal meat is, it is essential to understand what Halal is. Halal is a central concept of Islamic law. Halal denotes permissible as opposed to Haram which is forbidden. The word Halal refers to food, drink, materials of daily use that the Muslim population can use without violating the laws of the religion. For instance, Haram meat includes the pork whereas, Halal meat would be the meat of other animals that are produced in a specific way. Apart from that, Halal and Haram are applicable in the general lifestyle of the Muslim population across the world, but this article only focuses on what Halal meat is and how it is processed.

What Halal Meat is Not

To understand what Halal meat is, one must understand what Halal meat is not. It is forbidden in the Islam religion to consume the meat of animals that have died of disease or are half eaten by other animals. Islam is clearly against eating dead animals from nature without knowing the reason for their death. If meat is for human consumption, it must be processed in specific ways.

How Halal Meat is Processed

Halal meat is considered to be a pure form of food. It says in the Islamic laws that before consuming the meat, the animal should be killed in one swift strike by cutting off the jugular vein with a sharp object. The method of slaughter should ensure that animals die instantly and do not suffer pain for long periods. The killing should be done by a Muslim or people who follow the Holy Quoran. Before the slaughter of the animal, prayers should be said which commences with the word, 'Bismillah' which means 'in the name of God'. This method, however, does not apply to fish or other sea animals. The process of generating halal meat also makes sure that the animals are stunned before being slaughtered, for Islam openly objects causing unnecessary pain to animals when killing them. For those who follow Muslim faith another distinction between the Halal products and the generic meat is the fact that the halal products are purified with the blessing of Allah, the God.

Kosher Meat is Permissible

Kosher meat is allowed for the Muslims to eat because the process of generating kosher meat is quite similar to that of Halal Meat. Kosher meat is the meat produced by following the dietary laws of Judaism. There are certain similarities between Judaism and Islam. The Jewish religion, like Islam, forbids the consumption of meat products from certain animals, such as pigs. They also make sure the meat comes from a pure, sterile source. This is why Muslims can eat kosher meat without denouncing their own dietary laws.

The Halal Food Authority supervises the production of Halal meat so that it follows the rules mentioned in the Holy Book. The Halal meat sellers must prove to them that the animals were appropriately slaughtered and the meat was blessed. 

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