WATCH: Is NYC a Bubble of Intolerant Liberals?

WATCH: Is NYC a Bubble of Intolerant Liberals?

People across the city of New York know they live in a liberal bubble. The diverse population forces strangers of all different races, religions and nationalities to be tolerant to one another, especially when squished together in a subway car at rush hour.

Will Witt, spokesperson from PragerU, a conservative digital media organization, took the streets of New York near New York University to ask people if they had any conservative friends.

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The video reveals that young liberals in New York do not have any Republican friends. Why? Because they would never tolerate people who are discriminatory.

The video raises a massive question that both conservatives and liberals have yet to fully understand:

If you discriminate against discriminatory people, does that make you a discriminatory person?

This question could certainly be answered through serious time and analysis, but as seen in the video, many liberal individuals just "stay away from those kind of people" or "are not really involved in politics."

Whether you're a fan of Will Witt, or stand strong in your liberals views, there is clearly a lack of conversation between young liberals and young conservatives. Rather than listening and debating, there is shunning and absolute intolerance.

The dramatized fake news on both ends of the political spectrum has created extremisms that most people don't actually practice. However, Americans gobble up the fake news in complete belief, leading to paranoia and a greater distant between the two parties.

However, as a nation, we must remember that without argument, there is no room for learning and developing personal opinion. Without personal opinion, we are a monotonous country of followers.

What do you think? Can political intolerance be thoroughly justified? Comment below!