Fling Mini is not afraid to use the touchscreen as a joystick

The Fling Mini system provides a unique solution to the problem of bulky and difficult mobile gaming controllers. Most other controller peripherals avoid using the touchscreen, opting instead for some form of discrete control interface that communicates with the device's software itself on a direct logical level. 

The Fling Mini, however, embraces the touchscreen-as-joystick modality, and enhances it considerably.

Each Fling Mini set comes with two small, mechanical, analog joysticks molded in flexible clear-plastic housings. These housings are attached to suction cups, which care used to affix the joysticks to the front screen of the device, directly above wherever the game in question has simulated joysticks on the touchscreen. The user then controls the game with the physical joysticks, and their movements are communicated to the software via their direct connection with the touchscreen surface. 

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