New Trend Could Be Dangerous

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So your facebook and instagram feed more than likely to have a post about Pokemon. But wait, wasn't that in late 90s or early 2000?

Pokemon Go is a realtime based, augmented reality, multiplayer online mobile game which enables you to find, catch, and train Pokemons wherever you go. Thanks to Google's help.

This free mobile app already 'has more Android installs than Tinder, and will soon have more daily mobile users than Twitter' according to Rollingstones.

Yes, we need more zombified people staring at their phones looking like lost tourists. It has also received negative feedbacks and crazy stories like leading a girl to find a dead body, or some teens even use it to lure in and rob victims.

Whatever it is, gotta catch em all!


The app detected one of the mural where I was standing as the source where I could restock some pokeballs. Crazy!

Here's the (April Fools) video that got it all started...

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