PokéVision is here to help you find those elusive PokemonGO monsters


Are you getting frustrated while trying to catch 'em all due to the three-step bug filling your phone screen with lies? If so, the creators of PokéVision may just have the answer.

PokéVision is here to help you find those elusive PokemonGO monsters

What's PokéVision?

PokéVision is a site created by a couple of enterprising and obsessed PokemonGO fans shortly after the introduction of the notorious three-step bug (where the 'Nearby' screen shows all Pokemon in your area as being three steps away, no matter how close they actually are). 

How can it help me?

The site uses Niantic's own servers to track where individual monsters are spawning in real time. It also tells you how long each pokemon will remain at each location. Best of all, it works everywhere in the world that PoGo has been released so far.

What are these "nests" I've heard about?

Since the advent of PokéVision, some of the site's estimated 16+ million individual users have contributed data identifying spawn points of rarer Pokemon. Nests are simply what players are calling an area where you find a ton of Scythers, or a ton of Dratini, or something similar. According to Niantic, nests do not stay constant--meaning last week's Lapras nest may just give you a ton of Rattatas today. 

So if you're a Pokemon trainer with someplace to be, you can easily check what the Pokemon situation is before you get there! If it's nothing but Pidgeys and Weedles, you might plan differently than if you're seeing Ninetales or Dragonite. 

Here's the site. Don't let all this power corrupt you, kids!

Here's TechInsider's interview with PokéVision's creators, and why they plan to keep the site free:

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, follow PokeVision on Twitter for all the latest updates on server outages, maintenance, etc. FWIW, they are VERY responsive.