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I started a gaming group to play 1st ed AD&D last summer. It fell through. Nonetheless, one of the players and I get together every once in a while (about maybe once per two months) to keep going. It's slow, but it's fun. I love creating storylines. 

In our last adventure, his main character, Sarifi (a 5th-level magic-user) went with our band of heroes went into the mines of Bloodstone Pass (Forgotten Realms). They were trying to assess what was going on in the Svirfnebiln city that the city was allied with. It turned our that Duergar had overrun it. 

After assessing their odds, the party decided that it was best to return with intel rather than to try to rescue the imprisoned Svirfneblin. As they were leaving, Sarifi started to hallucinate. He began to see himself as being under a bright light, as if on an operating table. 

It turns out that he wasn't hallucinating about the operating table. He was hallucinating about the adventure. Pulling himself out of the dreamstate, he found himself pinned to a slab, being experimented on by a lich. 


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