‘Super Mario Run’ Jumps Over to Android This March

‘Super Mario Run’ Jumps Over to Android This March

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Fans of Android and Nintendo can rejoice, as it was revealed last week that the much-anticipated game Super Mario Run will be available on Android phones this March. This is the first time Mario will officially on appear on Android. So far, the game has only been available on iOS devices since its release on December 15.

Unquestionably fun — questionably priced

While Super Mario Run has generally received positive reviews in terms of gameplay, the game’s $9.99 one-time price tag on iOS has been controversial in the mobile gaming world. Despite concerns about the inherent limits of experiencing Mario on a mobile platform, as opposed to Nintendo-built hardware, IGN gave the game an 8/10, explaining, “Super Mario’s smartphone debut is a fun and frantic chase for hidden coins and high scores.” TouchArcade also gave the game a solid score of 3.5/5 stars, explaining, “Super Mario Run is Nintendo committing to mobile with unexpectedly fierce intensity.”

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Cheaper or free on Android?

Rumors have been swirling about what kind of price users can expect for Super Mario Run on Android given initial criticisms of the game’s cost. Often, monetization of games and apps is notoriously more difficult on Android than iOS, and Nintendo may be looking to gain better publicity for the second round of the game’s release.

The game may also see changes in its Android version to bolster sales. In an interview with iDigitalTimes, Joon Van Dreunen, CEO of SuperData Research (a games data and marketing research firm) explained that it will be likely “they will have ready some additional levels and additional content to drive monetization.” He also explained to iDigitalTimes that it’s not uncommon for companies to initially charge more on iOS for exclusivity, later opening up the price for broader accessibility. He explains, “People are experienced enough and smart enough to know that what they’re getting is the first experience. They get to brag. That’s worth something to people.” He adds, “That’s the first wave. Then you lower the price and get everybody else.”

Erik Kain, a writer for Forbes, has echoed similar sentiments, believing that Super Mario Run should be free on Android. He argues that despite frustration from some Nintendo fans, making it free on Android would mean more positives than negatives, explaining, “This would not only make Android gamers happy, it would make analysts and investors happy. It would probably generate more revenue for Nintendo as well. Some core Nintendo gamers would be mad, but these gamers aren't the bulk of mobile gamers to begin with.”

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