How My Wife Introduced Me to My Ex-Girlfriend

How My Wife Introduced Me to My Ex-Girlfriend

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How My Wife Introduced Me to My Ex-Girlfriend

Hi! I am Ghou. As a child, I used to be really fat and chubby, and my fight with my fat continued till my high school days. Now as I am in my late 20’s, I have pretty well managed to get rid off of the excessive weight and fat from my body with much dietary changes and exercise. People who know me now wouldn’t believe looking at my old pictures if I was actually that same person.

People like me who have been overweight and then suddenly transform their bodies into a much leaner frame are bound to counter some hilarious experiences at some point in their lives. One such funny incident happened with me during our school reunion party last year. I was there in a corner with my wife Ellie, who was also my girlfriend since school and a common friend, when suddenly Katie barged into us. Katie was with us in high school, and we were meeting her after a long time.

It was Katie’s loud and oh-so-exciting talking style made me immediately recognize her. We greeted, and clearly, she failed to recognize me. After a few minutes of chatting with my wife, she somehow shifted the conversation to Ellie’s fat boyfriend at school (that was me) and even mentioned how she was glad that he could not make it to the party. Unable to control her laughter, a few minutes later Ellie introduced me to Katie as her husband and the same John who used to be the fat guy she dated. Till date, it is one of the funniest nights of my life, and as I remember Katie’s face all surprised and confused, I can’t help laughing again and again. 

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