Queen Talks Glamour

Deborah – so you have this incredibly glamorous side of you, as well. What’s up with that?

Queen – Well, as a kid, I'd always channel different personalities, so I knew how to present myself in different surroundings. I was such a mixed crowd person that it stuck with me, and it became a permanent thing where OK, this is Glamorous Queen and I have to do my make-up and hair and just diva it out. And then I could wake up the next day, like, I am Earthy Goddess and I want to be natural. I want to embrace my beauty for who I am. And a lot of people will get that confused, because they’ll think that you wearing a weave and makeup is self-hate, but it’s more so me just wanting to see myself in all ways, and love myself in all these ways.

Deborah – Where do you feel like you get your power?

Queen – Honestly, I get most of my power from pain.

Deborah – OK, what do you mean by that?

Queen – I’ve been through a lot of stuff … from having my heart broken to being homeless and sleeping in McDonalds. In every situation, I don’t like to look like my struggle, so I write about it. I put it on the page and leave it there, and it’s like my release. It’s what kept me sane in those moments. Pain has been really powerful for me, and I overcome it. I’m not a depressed person, but I have to release it. And it’s part of the reason why I started to create, and I continue to create.

Deborah – So it’s kind of a survival tactic.

Queen – Yes, definitely. It’s my therapy. It was the way that I choose to battle my situations that happen in life. It’s my way to deal with things.

Deborah – What kind of people are you drawn to?

Queen188Does this look familiar?189Yes.190

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