Do People React to Different Textures of Food in a Different Way?

Do People React to Different Textures of Food in a Different Way?

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Do People React to Different Textures of Food in a Different Way?

I’m an ardent lover of food. I’ve always wondered why some food items feel funny whenever they’re consumed. Can mouth feel and taste be separated?

Of course, people have their preferences. It would be dumb to say everyone likes food the same way. It’s like saying all the Germans loved Hitler because he was German!

As a chef I can tell you when people talk about taste, they don’t really refer to the taste that is technically on their tongue, instead, they combine it with the sensations in their nose, eyes, or even ears.

Yeah right, as if they taste food through their ears! Even though it might sound weird, but all of our sensory organs play a role in tasting food.

Along with some of my mates, I decided to conduct an experiment where I gave my test subjects the same food items but in different forms and observed their reactions.


As surprising as it might be, many people weren’t able to handle the texture of bananas. While they loved the smell and taste of the banana, they weren’t able to get past the way it felt in their mouth.


Another surprise to me was that some of them love the soft inside while the others would literally gag on the slice. People are weird, right?


I’m not so crazy about the gelatinous texture of Jello as my friends but I can eat it. Some of them are so anti-jello that it is extra gag-inducing. Some of them can’t even watch others eat Jello.

Oysters and clams

I just hate slimy food items! Oysters and clams top my list of slimy food items that I hate. A lot of people agreed with me as they weren’t so ecstatic while eating it. Other slimy food items were tripe, okra, tofu, and mushrooms.

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