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Learn to grow spiritually, the time is now

We live in times of a mental struggle, hereby we have to address this topic and work with ourselves right now. If we evade to start the work now it will grow into more problematic complex pattern of struggle. 

This will not apply to everyone, however, it is important to notice that this topic applies to even the general problems in your life. From the chores to deadlines for submission of your work. Every root of the problem starts within yourself, wether you are aware of it or not. 

To start working with yourself and make life much better and easier in quality and quantity of novelty, it is recommended to start doing work right now. No procrastination, no evasion of the topic. You have to pinpoint the root and remove it once and for all. So how do we do this?

First step to identify the problem is to just look around, think about what has been bothering you lately. Focus onto the problem directly and try to remember as much as where it started. No excuses, look at what lead to that problem. It is either a bad choices in the past, or your high expectations on the topic that are creating this tension and allows simple events to become problematic. 

When you work with yourself, these minor problem become enjoyable to solve, and major struggles become challenges for you to outgrow, so you will stop feeling as if life is pushing you around. Instead, you will take over your life with less friction and enjoy the process, even change the path you are in.

Meditation is the second step you have to learn. There are so many sources that are not legitimate and teaches you the wrong methods for meditation. I suggest you to research more on how to grow spiritually  << 

When you learn the basics of meditation it is important to observe yourself. And learn to observe observing yourself. That way you will not act automatically, because automatic behaviors are mechanical, and this creates friction in everything you do.

Inside of you there is a spirit, which is in tune with the flow of life. Your ego is the 'wanting hard to get something' thus creating problems on the way. Identify when your ego is in charge of your decisions and meditate on it to remove the mechanically generated problems in your life.

How to meditate?

One of the simplest techniques mentioned in the best sources of the topics follows the pattern:

Sit down comfortably, take a few deep breaths and push all the way out. Repeat this a few times and close your eyes. First, you have to become comfortable with your closed eyes and focus on the spot between your sight, your hearing and touch senses. Focus on your sight only (eyes closed), then move to your hearing and notice every little sound and crack around your room. Then move to your touch senses, feel the legs touching the chair or the ground. Feel the smell of different mollecules touching your scent nerves. Get comfortable switching between phases, repeat a few times until you feel the inside movements of your body.

It is as simple as it goes. There are much more information on the development of your self,

You can start reading more on Lucid Dreaming, Spiritual Growth and many more topics that will help you find your way through life in a more open sense: 

Read more onhttps://insideoutward.com

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