What Are the Advantages of Using Non-Emergency Medical Transportation?

Non-emergency medical transportation in Minnesota is a booming business. Vehicles such as vans, small buses, or even SUVs are set to allow the elderly, people with disabilities, or the injured to travel to their regular doctor’s appointments and other destinations in safety and comfort. Depending on the passenger and their condition, vehicles may come outfitted with ramps or hydraulic lifts for wheelchair or limited mobility accessibility, and all vehicles conform to federal and state safety standards. In fact, using these vans is a safer alternative to driving and may even be covered by Medicare, Medicaid, or private insurance plans.

Benefits to Non-emergency Medical Transportation

Non-emergency medical transportation provides patients and caregivers with a safe and supervised way to get to their medical appointments, workplace, school, and other commitments. Whether the patient is elderly, people with disabilities, is recovering from injuries or has other issues that make driving themselves unsafe, using non-emergency medical transportation is often the better alternative to a taxi or rideshare.

● More independence. Non-emergency medical transportation allows people to be more independent when it comes to making it to their medical appointments, commuting to work or school, or even leisure activities. Not having to depend on and arrange rides with family members means that even people with significant mobility issues or medical issues can handle their own transportation with ease.

● Privacy. In addition to conforming with Federal motor carrier laws, medical transportation companies must also comply with HIPAA regulations. The rider’s privacy is protected by law.

● Comfort and relaxation. Dealing with medical conditions can be stressful. The van offers a private and comfortable way to get to and from appointments for patients and even for their caregivers. They can focus on the appointment at hand without also having to concentrate on traffic. Even when being transported to work and school, having someone else do the driving can be relaxing.

● Skilled staff on hand. If you have ever been injured, you know how precarious our ability to get around can be. For those with medical conditions, the elderly, or the disabled, it’s important to have skilled staff to assist them in getting in or out of vehicle, or in the event that they need medical assistance. If an emergency should arise, driver and nursing staff can deliver appropriate care while transporting the patient to the nearest available emergency medical services.

Look for the Best

When you or a loved one needs non-emergency medical transportation in Minnesota, it’s critical to make sure that you are dealing with a licensed and permitted company that is appropriately licensed, bonded, and insured. Drivers and nurses should be appropriately trained and up-to-date on their skills. Likewise, the company should do background checks on all of their employees who come into contact with riders. Also, the company should display their USDOT number as all companies transporting passengers must be registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. This ensures that the company is conforming to safety standards in their vehicles and with their personnel.

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