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At age 8 I knew I was a Gypset. I spent a lot of time in the library reading about travels to exotic locales. I knew one day I would like to go to Turkey, Thailand, Morocco and Tibet. I liked unusual ethnic and tribal pieces and I appreciated they were all handmade and not perfect. I totally got that they were meant to be distinct and different. 

At siesta time, I was sneaking away  and playing dress up in my  grandma Mercedes' dressing room while she attended to her business. One afternoon I donned her bordeaux-colored silk kimono with a soft paisley scarf tied around my head, and on my then little feet were her soft Italian slippers.  The cocktail ring I borrowed from my mom dangled loosely from my thumb and the Japanese parasol she gave me completed the one of the  'looks' I was putting together back then. 

Oh yeah I was happily in fancy clothes in the middle of the afternoon looking out at the lush tropical garden in my grandma's estate and I loved it. She conveniently lived next door so my siesta adventures repeated many times with many different changes of clothes some of which eventually found themselves in my possession, gifted by her. I grew into them and wore them season after season until I went away to college. 

Good clothes and a great garden setting, my favorite kind of an afternoon back in my childhood days somewhat captured here via IG. 

Gente, muito amor por esse vestido !!! Roberto Cavalli !! Bohochic !! Bohostyle !!! #RobertoCavalliSS17 #bohostyle #bohochic

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These images capture the colors, the rich textures, the relaxed yet refined look and the cool vibe I've fancied and loved since I was a child. A nod to these designers who understand the new bohemians I'm in the same tribe with.

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