Last Christmas??❤️✈️?George Michael you're amazing!

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Boxing Day was sad and sentimental with the news of George Michael's passing. He suffered a heart attack and didn't wake up on Christmas Day! A few days before were starkly different for me and my sister. 

The days leading up to Christmas were nonstop fun for us with a festive reunion in SoCal with our families. Our schedule was crammed with activities.  Still we found time to sneak out to the balcony, huddled while doing shots of our fave vodka which bought about loads of laughter and trips down memory lane. We were remembering insanely fun times together in different parts of the world from shopping at the souks of Bahrain to carefree days and evenings spent in London - its sights, sounds and rock stars we adored back them. By tradition, we listened to music on You Tube via our smart phones including George Michel's 'Last Christmas' and other pop anthems. Little did we know that George Michael would go to sleep and never wake up on Christmas day! 

Who didn't have a crush on George Michael during his heyday? Maybe my spinster neighbor Ms. B who looked at me from top to bottom every single time I popped out of our mews house in Kensington! I can tell she didn't like my studded motorcycle jacket and torn jeans. Ahem I of course was inspired by the fashion donned by George Michael, Duran Duran band members and other Brit pop stars I loved for their style and music. Ms.B thought George Michael's eyebrows were too manscaped.  My sister and thought he was hot! Hot or not he was talented and he held great stage presence and good vocal prowess. 

We were glued then to MTV for Wham's latest vids on our downtime. When Michael went solo and released edgy vids oozing sexiness and forward fashion starring supermodels , we had extended long-distance conversations that cost a small fortune back then, like this one:

52Freedom53s place in the video.54type55figure56contents57attributes58type59Image60slf-post-image61true62id63164type65p66contents67type68text69contents7071  single in 1987 by George Michael caused a stir and was banned by the BBC. The risqué vid featured Michael72s countdown of MTV73t imagine him dying alone. Surely millions of fans wept just as we did. It was his last Christmas.74type75embed76attributes77url78 amazing George Michael!"

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