Boston: Once Upon a Time a Calvinist Fortress…

Julio Severo
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Calvinists, Calvinists, Calvinists! According to Catholic historian Paul Johnson, the American city of Boston was a Calvinist fortress in the eighteenth century. Calvinists dominated Boston demographically and religiously.

And who dominates it today? According to the Pew Research Center, 57% of Boston consider themselves Christians, with 25% identifying themselves as Protestants and slightly more (29%) identifying themselves as Catholics. Those who attend no church make up 33% of the population and Muslims and Hindus make up almost 10%.

Today Boston is most notorious for Catholicism, which became famous all over the world for the huge scandals of pedophile homosexual priests. “Spotlight,” an Oscar-winning movie based on actual events, reports that “249 priests and brothers were publicly accused of sexual abuse within the Boston Archdiocese,” making this former Calvinist fortress the American Catholic cover-up center of crimes of homosexual pedophilia.

The “Calvinist fortress” died, buried in the distant past.

Lacking revival, but with cessationism and liberalism (pro-abortion and pro-homosexuality stances) prevailing in many American Calvinist churches, all that is left of Calvinism in Boston is the memory of a distant past.

The way Muslims multiply like rabbits, it will be a miracle if in a few decades Boston do not become an Islamic stronghold — with Islamic pedophilia without the need for cover-up. And woe to Hollywood if it tries to launch a “Spotlight” on Islamic pedophilia!

Pedophilia has been a reality in Islam since the time of Muhammad, who was also a pedophile, but he was never condemned as a criminal.

However, when Boston was a Calvinist fortress, pedophilia was a crime and its Calvinist population would not need to be moved by a Spotlight to lynch a homosexual pedophile. To have a mosque in this city, no way. But past is past and without a revival, if even the present is not well, the future will be much worse.

Portuguese version of this article: Boston: Era uma vez uma fortaleza calvinista…

Source: Last Days Watchman

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