How pets can make a major impact on your health and happiness

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There is no doubt about it. You love your pet. How couldn’t you?

Your furry friend is always around, always has your back, and is a whole lot of fun to play with. But have you ever wondered about the actual reasons for why pet ownership makes you so happy?

The fact is that even though we love having them as companions, pets also make us literally become happier and healthier, both physically and mentally. Let’s look at some of the many reasons why our furry friends make us so euphoric.

Pets lower your risk of stress

It has been proven that pet ownership can do wonders to fight off the effects of stress and depression. In fact, just the act of stroking your dog or cat can effectively lower your blood pressure and create a sense of calm.

Playing with your pet increases your serotonin and dopamine supply. These are the chemicals that work to raise your general spirit of well-being. Studies have also shown that owning pets can reduce your risk of stroke and heart attack.

Pets keep us in shape

The more active your pet is, the more active you are going to be, and that is why pet ownership can often lead to healthier lifestyles and more fit bodies. Researchers have found that individuals who own dogs generally exercise 30 minutes more per week than those who do not.

This constant movement and activity can lead to increased stamina and prolonged energy well after we’re done exercising.

Pets lead to larger social circles

Friendly and energetic pets can lead even the most solitary of individuals to a measured increase in friends and acquaintances. Most people are drawn to pets and are more likely to say hello and start a conversation with someone with a pet in tow.

If you go to any place full of pets, such as a park, for instance, these social interactions will double because pet owners have an urge to want to learn more about one another. The more friends you have, the more in sync with the community you feel and these connections also help to make us happy.

Pets add routine to our lives

Having a daily routine is a key metric to our happiness. As a matter of fact, many experts state that a proper routine instills healthy habits, helps us remain efficient, and can even save us money, all benefits that work to keep our spirits up.

Luckily, pets force us into a proper routine. The structured feeding, walking and playing that our animals require helps us to settle into this routine, and we are all the happier for it.

There is no denying the fact that pets have a positive impact on our lives. If you don’t currently own a pet, then you might consider adopting an animal companion of your choosing. Doing so will open your eyes to an absolute happiness that you didn’t even know you were missing.

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