Principal, Head Coach Neglected to Alert Authorities of Sex Abuse at AZ School

Principal, Head Coach Neglected to Alert Authorities of Sex Abuse at AZ School

Several of the students and staff at a prominent Arizona high school are in deep water after it has been revealed that there was an abundance of hazing and sexual abuse in the football team’s locker rooms.

The worst part is that upon learning of the acts, the staff refused to alert authorities.

Police are recommending charges against the athletic director, principal, and head coach of Hamilton High School in Chandler, Arizona after at least four student football players alleged abuse by older teammates.

The students claimed to be abused by three older players. One of them, Nathaniel William Thomas has pleaded not guilty to multiple counts of molestation and aggravated assault. Despite only being 17, Thomas will be tried as an adult.

Two other 16-year-old players are also facing similar charges but they will be charged as juveniles. Now the staff is under fire for not informing authorities that they knew such abuse was taking place under their watch.

The details of the horrendous actions were documented within hundreds of pages of police records that have been obtained and reported on by channel ABC15.

Per the report, the freshman at the school were referred to as “fresh meat” and would be abused upon joining the team.

The actions of the seniors are disturbing and include the three offenders forming the “Rape Squad.” Many of their actions included urinating on the freshmen, slapping the players with their genitalia, daring them to eat feces, and even sexually assaulting one player with a broomstick.

It got so bad that many of the younger players resorted to wearing their boxers in the shower out of fear of additional assaults.

As for the coaches, they didn’t seem to see the severity of the actions. During one instance, head coach Steve Belles walked in and saw the misconduct.

He then rounded up the team and said that there was “a bunch of [expletive] Sandusky's in here. Putting fingers in [expletive]? Are you guys [expletive] gay? Cut it out.”

Cops became wise to the involvement of the staff and searched their offices. It was there that they found a documented exchange between two players saying that they knew their coaches knew about the misconduct but did nothing about it.

The investigators on the case say that the Athletic Director at the school received an anonymous voicemail saying that the students were being harassed, but that voicemail was soon deleted.

When the principal of the school interviewed the four victims, he was told that they were being abused. To resolve the problem, the principal told the coach to address the situation with the team, but the parents of the students were never notified.

Though the investigators are set to charge the staff with not disclosing the actions, they are still urging anyone with additional information to come forward.

When he was spoken to by the authorities, Coach Belles, who had led the team to five state championships, said that he had no idea about the hazing and abuse until he was told that one of their mothers had contacted the authorities, although the students are telling a different story.

The three staff members in question have since been transferred to other positions within the school district.