Therapeutic Benevolence - An Indian doctor changing lives through kindness

As the mortal world gets permeated with melancholia towards goodness, a sense of cynicism engulfs outlooks, to the extent of obscuring trust in kind-heartedness. Despite, a palpable air of inconsideration and selfishness, kindness, although rare, is still visible and evident. Often, it manifests in the form of mild-mannered, innocuous individuals, living amongst us. Their physicality may seem unremarkable and everyday routine a prosaicness of humdrum, but they are nothing like anything. 

By drifting away from herding behaviour and fixated patterns, these protagonists dare to usher transitions of change, albeit little by little.

For this scribbling, Devender Nath Kaul is the central axis around whom the narrative gets woven. In order, to fathom his invaluable contribution and its indispensability in the present-day grim scenario, we ought to comprehend the extremities faced every day, everywhere.

                                           Suffering in Silence

Whenever misery in the form of a sickness afflicts an individual, undesired effects agitate the tranquility of life's normalcy. Mundaneness of regular happenings gets replaced with topsy-turvy mishaps. Doubts of uncertainty replace the assuredness of certainty. Subsequently, a chain reaction of emotions ensues. Beginning with a disbelief of the bitter realities staring at us, it gradually, accretions to bouts of anxiety over the prevailing circumstances.

An unexplainable dreadfulness drains out joyousness, leaving behind a gaping void of nothingness. The sureness, which up till now imbued each sphere of activity, vanishes as if it never existed. Apprehensions, about the continuance of existence, rear their horrendous head, transforming the serenity of human consciousness, into a loop of worrisome thoughts.

Soon, a constant brooding over forthcoming vexations agonizes the sickly, making them panic-stricken. An entire actuality gets abridged into a summarized cognitive memoir, wherein each event of significance, every noticeable episode, all prominent moments, either of indescribable ecstasy or unspeakable suffering, endured throughout their life are instantaneously chronicled as indelible memories on the sub-conscious realm, which zoom past the visual plane like a streaming video.

Quite naturally, exasperation, owing to a sense of indignation fill the inner self. Faith in a higher power oscillates between the despair of an obvious truth and the improbable yearning for unattainable desires, thereby, wobbling towards the skepticism of atheism.

Eventually, the clichéd, 'why me' query resonates in the inmost awareness.

A replication of these tormenting sentiments sprouts within the loved ones of the convalescent. Any disease is not merely an affliction on the patient but, a corresponding curse of despondency befalling the family. The sheer haplessness of witnessing their kin, bear the brunt of immeasurable trauma, invariably, triggers a deep-seated melancholia within the close relatives in the bloodline. Despite a gloom of pessimism, fervid prayers emerge from the core of the soul, beseeching the Almighty for a supernatural miracle.

Ideally, these heartfelt invocations ought to compliment the earnestness of medical care, working with the objective of restoring salubrity to the infirm. However, owing to the insatiable greed for materialism, the expectancy of a solemn commitment, even in the avenues of medicine, can be a fallacy of utopianism.

How could the rapid commercialization of everything under the Sun circumvent the field of therapy? It didn't stand a chance in this era of the unprincipled, as degradation of probity and ethical corruption, opens up a Pandora’s Box of cold-heartedness for the innocent. In totality, as civilizations perch on the cusp of moral ruination, attributes of rectitude and righteousness are on a ventilatory support for sustenance.

Reprehensibly, the life-giving profession of medicine is seemingly mutating into a modus-operandi of usurping the grief and distress of the forlorn majority, to accomplish the nefariousness of profiteering and money-minting for a few.

Before, your heart palpitations rise imagining the worst, relax to breathe a sigh of relief. Notwithstanding, the dismal karmic scenario of humanity, the apocalypse isn’t on the cards, just yet.

And, reading on shall foster a wholesome perspective of things.

                                Alleviating pain through compassion

Mother Universe with its unfathomable vastness is a contrast of forces in diagonal contradiction, simultaneously co-existing to dawn realization about the profoundness of elements at opposite ends of the spectrum.

Only by undergoing the diabolicality of evil unravels the worth of goodness. Though uncommon in a modern-day context, certain kind entities are the quintessence of compassionate empathy. Invariably, their efforts ensure the survival of humanity by fostering equilibrium amidst glaring inequalities of the world.

A protagonist to the core, Devender Nath Kaul is one such equalizer.

Utilizing his dexterity as a practitioner of medicine, Dr Kaul spares no opportunity in lending a hand of help for those in utter deprivation and poverty. Selflessly effectuating his duties for over four decades, Dr Kaul is the epitome of benevolence. In times, when consultation fees of doctors are capable of rendering a cardiac infarction to the feeble, our protagonist accepts a paltry sum of 30 bucks in Indian currency.

Not even time, equipped with its prowess for ruthlessness, could manage to alter this strange mathematical computation.

Even though in the mid-seventies, this lionhearted grand-sire, rigorously follows a relentless routine, which could easily drench the strongest with precipitation. Whereas most of his professional colleagues from the Jammu Kashmir Medical College rose to the pinnacle of fame, becoming revered icons in their arena of specialization, this real-life luminary dutifully imbibes the essence of the Hippocratic Oath, amid the stillness of anonymity.

During heydays, trustees of various religious councils in the vicinity invited Dr Kaul for a few hours of his therapeutic ministrations as public service, inside the premises of worship. In spite, of the nominal remuneration, he unhesitatingly obliged them all.

For ordinary, retirement is a phase of dwelling in the lap of opulence, meant for basking in the glory of grandeur and splurging the moolah accumulated over aeons, habitually, through unscrupulous methodologies. But, the ingrained disposition of Dr Kaul makes him stand apart, amongst an abundance of herding behaviour for minting money and self-seeking belief systems, spreading in the society like a plague of endemic proportions.

To this day, except on Mondays, the physician meticulously sits in his home-based clinic for hours at a stretch, precisely diagnosing illnesses of patients swarming at the constricted workplace. His nobility doesn’t abate there. After prescribing the curative treatment, he astoundingly raises the benchmark of altruism, by donating the same medicines as charity, from the stockpile of medication stored in the large steel cabinet behind him.

Perhaps, the reason for the loyal and the faithful, thronging his clinic from the remotest corners of the National Capital of Delhi and sometimes beyond, is now, self-explanatory.

Indeed, by religiously following his clinician routine to the hilt, and opting to relinquish natural cravings for the limelight, sends a resounding message for those perpetually adorning the tag of victim-hood or tussling about farcical issues of insignificance.

Juxtapose this single-mindedness to the indiscriminate callousness displayed by resident doctors of venerated Government hospitals that amalgamate to forge labour unions, akin to the industrial sector. Intermittently, resorting to various kinds of protests for arm-twisting the administration into submission is a harbinger to a surmised belief, whereby adopting mindless measures in expressing dissent, seems to be the new fad in societal norms of propriety.

Irrespective of the grave darkness of gloom, givers of hope walk the planet eternally, glimmering as a ray of light does while passing through a Maple leaf, whereby endeavoring to eliminate the wilderness of impassive nonchalance, bordering on insensitivity.

Infused with a streak of divinity, which encourages certain mortals to abstain from propensities of indulgence and gratification, for imbibing humanitarianism as an ideological principle, they are the embodiment of self-abnegation. Occurring with rarity, such exemplary individuals are pivotal to the preservation of humaneness, and, a prerequisite for it too.

Time has come to bestow recognition upon this class of humans, not that they hanker for it, but because a dearth of role models for emulation is glaringly stark. Since for the keenly philanthropic, barriers of age or paucity of finances, aren’t hindrances in offering aid to the unaided. 

After all, the intent to provide succor suffices. 

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