Georgetown University education under Professor C. Christine Fair: $315,427.35

Author Kayne
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Georgetown University education  under Professor C. Christine Fair: $315,427.35

During Georgetown University Professor Carol Christine Fair's rant regarding President Trump's Supreme Court nomination of Judge Kavanaugh, Professor Fair called for violence, death. and castration of the U.S. Republican Senators on the Senate Judiciary Commitee. Clearly, Georgetown's Fair is suggesting genocide. Fair shrieked entitled white GOP senators “deserve miserable deaths’. I would never allow my child to take a class with Professor Fair at Georgetown University.

Unbelievably, a spokesperson Georgetown University administration condoned Fair’s comments saying “It’s free speech” Just ponder that for a minute. Parents make great sacrifices, $315,427.35, to send their child to a prestigious institution of higher learning. Now that is good value.

To recap: you may send your child to Georgetown University, spend $315,427.35 for his or her degree and be guaranteed to have that child indoctrinated by Professor Fair. Professor Fair stated,7071type72b73contents74type75text76contents77people with a certain skin color

Tribalism – Trial by social media, it’s mob-rule

Twitter's CEO Jack Dorsey has done nothing regarding Professor Fair’s vicious, hateful attacks which call for violence against conservative U.S. Senators. Jake believes conservatives should be silenced by Facebook, Google, and the “fake news media.” it's the resistance. Twitter gives the extreme, radical left a platform to enable a coup d'etat of the Trump administration. The insurgency is coming. Time to wake up and join the new resistance. The new resistance: every wealthy graduate no longer donates anything to University's with Carol Christine Fair's values.

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