Useful tips for choosing a mattress

If you decide to purchase a quality and comfortable mattress from a well-known online bestmattress-brand guide for your new bed to finally get enough sleep at night, you need to familiarize yourself with the basic quality characteristics of all types of modern mattresses, especially those that are called orthopedic mattresses. Only then can you get the perfect device for sleeping.

Things to think before buying

Also, do not choose when choosing a mattress to rush from the extreme to the extreme. Buying a too soft or too hard mattress, you only further damage your spine, so it's best to purchase a medium-strength mattress. The more you weigh, the harder your mattress should be. If you weigh not very much - the ideal for you will be an orthopedic mattress with springs of medium softness.

It is very important to choose the right size of the mattress. It should not only fit perfectly into the parameters of the bed, but also fully fit you in size so that you do not feel discomfort during sleep. If you are interested in modern mattresses with fillers, then you should think carefully about what kind of fillers you will most like, because today there are sufficiently high-quality artificial fillers are available at mattress store that are not inferior to natural ones.

Fillers used in the mattress

As per the mattress store106memory effect107

Well, that's the most joyful event in the family - the birth of a baby. Undoubtedly, from the first days of life every parent tries to give his child everything only the best. For their crumbs they do not spare money or time. If with the purchase of clothes, wheelchairs it is more and more clear, then with the choice of a mattress quite often there are certain difficulties. Young fathers and mothers do not know which mattress is best to choose for a newborn. After all on it the child from the first day on arrival home from a maternity home spends the majority of the time.

Right choice

To choose the right orthopedic mattress, young parents, in the first place, should pay attention to the following indicators:


· Cover;

· Dimensions;

· Presence of mattress cover;

· Orthopedic properties.

· Pouch

Qualitative is considered a cover, quilted from the inside and having several additional layers (for example, cotton, sintepon, etc.). These criteria make it possible to provide a smoother and more beautiful mattress surface. Well, if the case will have a zipper: if desired, it can be easily removed and washed.

Case of the mattress

Speaking about the case for the mattress, it is worth noting the importance of its naturalness. The most ideal option in this case is jacquard cloth. It is 70-80% cotton, the rest is synthetic fibers. Jacquard fabric will last for many years, because it is characterized by great strength and durability.

205plus206mattress store provide this.



On sale given by mattress store you can find orthopedic mattresses with different heights. For newborns, the value of this indicator ranges from 3 to 9 cm; but the best value is 6-7 cm.

Mattress pad


Orthopedic properties

Many people are sure that a child's mattress must necessarily be orthopedic. But this judgment is not at all correct! Doctors say that this property of the mattress has a curative effect and is necessary only in the presence of certain diseases in the baby. What is bad for an orthopedic product in the absence of evidence? The fact is that it is based on metal springs which create an adverse electrostatic effect on the baby's body.

If the orthopedic mattress is the prescription of the attending physician, then you should pay attention to the product with an independent spring unit. Its peculiarity is that each of its springs is wrapped in a separate fabric cover: it ensures its independence. On such bedding the weight of the baby will be distributed evenly, providing its most comfortable position during sleep.

Mattress for the newborn: spring or springless

In order to understand exactly which mattress for a newborn is suitable in an individual case, all the pros and cons of each species should be considered. So don’t get confuse at the mattress store. Check the comfort level then buy.

Spring type

There are 2 types of spring mattresses: with dependent and independent springs. In the case of newborns, the first species does not fit in any way: here all the springs are connected to each other and when one of them bends, they change their position and neighboring springs. Thus, under the child a deepening is formed, which can adversely affect his health.

Dependent spring unit

But the mattress with independent springs will be for babies as by the way. In these mattresses it is supposed to wrap each spring in a separate pouch, which makes it possible to ensure the independence of one spring relative to the other.

Careful parents, undoubtedly, should turn their attention to spring less mattresses with filler made from coconut coir, linked together with latex. But latex impregnation should be natural! To be sure of the quality - it is enough to familiarize you with the quality certificate for the corresponding product.

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