Why I believe crocs are the most ridiculous fashion trend of this century?  

Why I believe crocs are the most ridiculous fashion trend of this century?  

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There comes a time when we need to have a serious talk about the fact that Crocs actually exist and we are all getting along with our lives as if that isn’t a problem.

Why I believe crocs are the most ridiculous fashion trend of this century?  

And the time for that serious talk is now!

I’m Evelyn, a fashion enthusiast and model back in her college days. You see, Crocs are the plastic clogs that I refuse to refer as a shoe. These days, crocs seem to be making a billion dollar comeback. They’re everywhere from runways to even on the pages of Vogue. Can’t anyone notice how bad these shoes look and smell? Anyone?

Over 300 million pairs of these have been sold which makes it a total of 600 million individual crocs. If this isn’t the most problematic statistic someone can ever come across, then I don’t know what is.

Ever since Cross started in 2002, they have flipped the world upside down. Someone needs to put a stop to the fashion sense of Americans as it is getting out of control.

If you have no idea what crocs, you’re probably living under a rock, and that is exactly where you should stay to protect yourself from these horrid shoes.

In my opinion, they are one of the ugliest shoes to ever be designed. I just don’t like the material let alone the fact they squeak when they are wet. I know this from my friends who have this obnoxious habit of trying all the new trends. Frankly, I don’t have the time and effort to go out to the market and purchase one for myself to check if they are comfy or not.

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