Why I think cargo pants will be making a comeback in 2019?  

Why I think cargo pants will be making a comeback in 2019?  

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Finally, we can have trousers big enough with pockets that can carry our smartphones!

Why I think cargo pants will be making a comeback in 2019?  

If there is one trend that looks to be making a comeback in 2019, then it is cargo pants. Obviously, this wouldn’t be the first time that cargo pants have been touted to become a fashion hit. Even in the 90s, people were obsessed with cargo pants.

I’m Evelyn, a fashion enthusiast and former model when in college. I usually attend a lot of fashion events. Last year, I had attended many fashion events where I observed big names like Valentino, Sies Marjan, and Prada had modeling showing off their wide range of collection of cargo pants. Even this year, Fendi (as modeled by Gigi Hadid), Monse, and Prabal Gurung have proven the comeback of cargo pants is indeed legit.

Leave the big names, I have even noticed the use of cargo pants in small-scale fashion shows and ramp walks.

The other day I was asked to judge a college-level fashion show. What surprised me the most was that a lot of teams were comfortable with cargo pants and they used their creativity really well to give them a more modern look. I was actually quite thrilled to be a part of that event as I got to observe the upcoming talented fashionistas in my city.

The return of cargo pants is on the verge and I’m really looking forward to it as I’m sure it’ll bring a positive change from the tight jeans that were in the fashion till now.

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