5 Unique Date Ideas for the New Year

5 Unique Date Ideas for the New Year

Ah yes, dating. It can be tough out there to spend some quality time together whether it’s a first date or you have been with your significant other for years. You want to take him or her out on the date of a lifetime. Sure, you could do dinner at a fancy restaurant or go to the movies, but we’ve all done that at some point, right? We get it. We understand what those activities entail.

But what about trying something a bit new and different, perhaps something exciting to spice things up and add a little variety to your romantic evening? Here are five unique date ideas to try for the new year.

1. Go to a local high school football game, pick a team and root for them.

There’s nothing more romantic than sitting in the stands of a high school football game with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Remember those nights back in ninth through twelfth grades when you would get so excited for the big game because you knew that special someone was going to be there? Well, it’s fairly easy to relive those butterfly moments from your youth. Wherever you are in America, you can find a local high school football game and most are open to the public. Get yourself two tickets, buy some hotdogs and sodas, and pick one of the teams to cheer for. It’s a great way to bring back some high school nostalgia and you and your date can get lost in the action of the game together. It’s a wonderful bonding experience and will bring out the excited teenager in you. You can also share stories with each other about your high school days.

2. Create a painting together.

You’ve heard of taking a painting class together, but this one takes it a step further. Go to your local art store (Michaels has great deals!) and purchase one big canvas, the necessary paints, brushes and materials. Then pack some wine, snacks and a blanket and head to your local park, beach or mountain view and paint an outdoor landscape. The key here is that you share one big canvas together. It’s something you are doing with your date, and it’s going to make for some great back and forth moments. When you’re done, it can hang in your living room, serving as a lasting memory of a great time. If you happen to break up, maybe you can sell it for some cash! Other ideas include building a birdhouse and putting it in the backyard or finishing a puzzle together and framing it.

3. Complete a five-course meal at five different locations.

This is a fun one and adds a bit of adventure to an otherwise typical date idea. It’s great to do a five-course meal, who doesn’t love that? But instead of doing it all at the same location, why not vary it up and do each course at a different hot spot. Get your first course at one place, then head out to the second establishment for the second course, and so on. It creates a fun dynamic and anticipation for each spot, and you’ll get to see and experience a variety of cuisine. You could start your night off at a Greek restaurant, hit up a Mexican spot and end with Thai food. Whatever you desire, it’s there and waiting for you!

4. Do an offbeat physical activity together.

Physical activities are great because they get us out of our heads and into a task. While on a date, these can be opportunities to work together and help each other. Things like a rock climbing class, a ropes course, trapeze school, trampoline park, kayaking, surfing class, parkour course, hiking, and even the local roller skating rink are great ways to get out and have some fun doing something a bit different. Most towns have at least one of these options or something similar that you and your loved one can get into.

5. Pick a random town on a map and go exploring.

This is a really fun idea and probably my favorite on this list. If you have a car, you can just choose a place on a map that you haven’t been to and go check it out for a few hours or even a full day. If you live in a more urban setting, a fun thing to do is show up to the local train or bus station, pick a town at random and just go. New experiences are good for us, and you and your date will have an awesome time discovering a new spot together. It will become a memory that is truly yours. If you want to add even more flare to the adventure, create a scavenger hunt list before you go to help give you things to look out for along the way.