Awesome Projects to Release Your Creativity

Awesome Projects to Release Your Creativity
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We’re living in some absolutely wild times these days. It seems like everyone is just consumed and overwhelmed with technology, slammed with a neverending barrage of information on every topic under the sun, and just the general news of our times. While there are, no doubt, urgent tasks at hand, it’s important to remember to take a break and step away for a moment and do something fun and creative for yourself. There’s more methods and ways to express yourself than ever. Perhaps you’re feeling ready to create something, but not quite sure where to start or what to do, or maybe you feel mentally stuck. Here are some ideas to help kick start your creative juices. Even just reading this list has got you moving in the right direction.

1. Buy a canvas and some paints.

Painting is an absolutely wonderful way to express yourself and what’s great is that there really isn’t a wrong way to do it. I was recently going through a creative rough patch myself and once I became frustrated with everything, I was like, “Screw this, it’s time to paint!” Head to your local art supply shop (Michaels always has deals and a huge selection), pick out a canvas, some colors you like, and a few brushes, then head home and just start going at it! It’s so fun and you’ll find that it can really help get you out of your head and kick your imagination into high gear. Other fun options to think about are putting together a small model or sewing.

2. Cooking.

Cooking is another fantastic way to get creative. We all have to eat anyway, so why not spice it up a bit? There are so many combinations and opportunities to create new delicious meals and fun treats. There’s no question that cooking is an amazing art form, from the the taste, to how healthy you want to make it, to texture and presentation. No wonder cooking shows are immensely popular these days. Try experimenting with a new dish or ingredient or tweaking it just a bit.

3. Make a video.

Filmmaking is upon us more than ever. With the ease of cellphones, GoPro-like cameras and lower budget, digital video cameras, pretty much anyone can make a video in no time. Do you have an idea for a short film or video swirling around in your head? Well now is the time to make it happen. Grab a friend, write out a mini script, then get to shooting! You’ll find out that the possibilities are endless here and the more you embark on this journey, the more you’ll learn about lighting, audio techniques and editing. There are so many social media platforms you can then easily upload your video to for all your friends to enjoy.

4. Learn a new musical instrument.

Have you ever wanted to learn to play the drums, the piano or the guitar? It’s not as hard as you might think (at least the basics anyway). As with a lot of things in life, it’s just the beginning that can be the most intimidating. Grab the instrument of your choice and enroll in some lessons at your local music shop. Also, the internet has made it so there are thousands of lessons you can follow along with, so you can progress at any rate you choose.

5. Take up a new sport.

Another excellent way to improve your creativity is to jump into a new sporting activity. The benefits are pretty wonderful here. It’s no secret that exercise is of course great for us, and anyone that’s ever played sports regularly knows that one has to get highly creative to compete. You have to think of new ways to beat your opponent and new tactics to win the game. You could almost say your brain is on high alert, working to come up with new strategies in the moment of the action. Also, if you join a local recreational volleyball, baseball or soccer league, you might end up making some new friends along the way.

A Few Awesome Reasons It’s Great to be Single in Your 30s

A Few Awesome Reasons It’s Great to be Single in Your 30s
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By the time many people are in their thirties, they have perhaps gotten married, maybe bought a house (or two!) with a significant other, and maybe even have a few kids in tow. While many have experienced these milestones in life, there are others who are well into their thirties and still single. For those without a partner it might sometimes feel like you are a bit behind when you look around at the lives of your peers. Of course the internet does not make it any easier with the constant barrage of relationship photos, and posts of engagement announcements and wedding vacations in our news feeds. While there are, of course, great advantages and wonderful benefits to being in a relationship, there are also some really solid things about not being coupled up with someone. Surely, you could argue either way here, but I’d just like to highlight a few positives of being in your thirties and not married.

1. You can save money.

This one is of course a no brainer. Dating in general usually costs a fair amount of money, particularly in the beginning stages of getting to know someone. There’s dates, buying nice things for the other person, and overall just trying to make things appear great and respectable for another person. Take for instance, when you’re out on a date night with your significant other, you’re most likely going to want to go to at least a decently nice spot for dinner. Nice things usually also come with a nicer price tag.

When you’re single, you’re more likely to be able to eat a wrap from a food truck and walk down the street without worrying if your partner is enjoying the experience or if they’re impressed since it’s not usually considered the most glamorous outing. Not that you can’t be in a relationship and enjoy such activities, but when you’re single, there’s nobody ever questioning it and you can do it every single night if you desire!

2. Traveling is a whole lot easier by yourself.

Traveling is so much simpler when it’s just you that must get from point A to point B, than when you travel with a significant other, especially if you have kids to bring along. When you travel alone, you have a lot less stuff to transport (think airport luggage) and since you don’t have to worry too much about the needs of a significant other, you can pretty much just pick up and go at a moment’s notice and at your own pace. You can decide to go anywhere at anytime without worrying what your partner has planned or if he/she even wants to go. When you’re single, if you want to go to Denver for a weekend, you can just go to the airport with a backpack and make it happen without even telling anyone you’re going.

3. You have lots of time to work on yourself and your spirituality, or whatever you choose.

Being single and in your thirties is a fantastic time to work on yourself and projects that you want to get done. When you’re in your twenties, maybe you’re experimenting with dating different people, exploring various career options or even the location or town where you live. In your thirties, you most likely have somewhat of a better idea of the things you enjoy and what you want to accomplish in life. Being by yourself allows you all the time in the world to focus on the projects you want to achieve. You can go to the gym everyday, you can work on your career 24/7 or fully immerse yourself in an extracurricular hobby to your heart’s content. If you want to stay out late at a meeting or a party, you can come and go at your own leisure without worrying about what your partner wants to do. You can literally do whatever you want, whenever you want, and there’s great freedom there. There’s very little holding you back and whatever you choose to do, you can just go do it.

4. You can date and mingle with other people freely.

Another benefit to being single in your thirties is that you can date other people. If you’re at a bar, you’re totally free to interact with whomever you choose. If you are married or in a serious relationship, especially if your partner tends to be a bit of the jealous type, you might feel awkward interacting with others. When you’re single, when you go on a trip and meet someone you like being around, you could spend days doing fun activities with them without having to worry whether or not you are hurting the feelings of your significant other or somehow emotionally cheating on your loved one. It could be a little difficult to explain to your partner why you look so happy in that photo of you on a sailboat with a stranger that you just met. If you’re single, no one is questioning you, they’ll most likely just be like, “Oh cool, it looks like you had a really great time on your trip!”

5. It can be less stressful.

It’s obviously no secret that relationships take work. Anyone in a serious relationship knows this. They don’t just happen out of nowhere and with no effort. They take planning, constant awareness of your partner’s desires and dreams and just all around, you have to always be on top of what the two of you are trying to create together for the future. Just try not texting your significant other for a week and see what happens. The results probably aren’t too pretty. Also, as I’m sure others have experienced, if you’re in a relationship that isn’t necessarily developing the way you want or had planned, things can sometimes get a little heated. Disagreements and arguments can pop up out of nowhere and that’s never fun for anyone. The stress of these events can make you feel like you’re losing your mind and then seep over into other parts of your work and personal life space.

While both being in a relationship or going solo have advantages and disadvantages, I hope these thoughts have perhaps helped you in some form. Remember to choose whatever works best for you!