Taking Time For You: Solo Travel and the Impact on Your Mind

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Taking Time For You: Solo Travel and the Impact on Your Mind

Taking the time to travel on your own can be a really great way to recenter yourself. Not only is it a great way to take a breather away from the mundanity, stress and pressure of your everyday life, but it can also help you to take the time that you need to evaluate your life, goals and dreams. This can be a great way to recalibrate and evaluate and can, ultimately, help with your mental health and wellbeing. I have put together a post explaining the positive effects of taking the time to solo travel. I have also added in a few top hints and tips to help you along the way! Take a look below:

A time for evaluation

It can be difficult to take the time to evaluate our lives during our day to day routines. With the distraction and pressure of work, social obligations and our ever growing to do lists, taking the time to evaluate our happiness can be hard. It is important that we do this. If we evaluate how happy we are and realise that we are not happy, then we can take the necessary steps to reform this. Alternatively, if upon reflection we realise that we are happy then we can take the time to be thankful for all that we have. Having time to review your situation and possibly even start planning some life changes is always going to be a good and beneficial use of time. And what better time to do this than while solo traveling?

Choosing a great destination

Choosing the perfect destination for your travels is vital in fostering a positive and reflective solo travel experience. Solo travel for the purpose of inward reflection and mental recalibration is most successfully spent somewhere calming and peaceful. Try to avoid party islands or big cities. Travelling to the beach, forest or countryside is often your best bet. Going abroad is a great way to ensure that you properly unwind and relax. Try to go abroad where possible as this will help you to get the physical distance that you need to really switch off.

Top Tip: Make sure that you pre-plan your travels intricately. This will help to alleviate any last minute stressors that could impact your mood. Consider writing a packing list, organising accommodation and even pre-booking airport parking options. Online deals mean that traveling from the airport can be easy and stress free. Make use of things like the cheap Gatwick Airport Parking services to help save you money while easing the pressure.

Keep a diary

While embarking on your solo travels, it can be difficult to really let yourself go during your self reflections. Try keeping a diary of your thoughts or writing a physical evaluation of your current life. This will make it easier for you to process what it is that you are thinking and how to move forward in your life. Writing your thoughts and feelings down is also a great way to remind yourself of your plan once you are back home. When we are travelling, we are often more open to ideas and more inspired to make a change. This can quickly dissipate once faced with our daily routines and home comforts. Keep a reminder of your reflections for when you get back home.

Enjoy yourself

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when they go solo travelling is that they get nervous or worried about going out alone. This will inevitably end up with you staying in your hotel room alone and not taking the time to explore the beauty and culture of the destination that you have visited. Make sure that you relax into the new environment and don't forget to enjoy yourself.

Top Tip: Try to plan an activity in for each day that you are away. This way you will have a plan of action to stick to rather than having ‘ten more minutes in bed’. Keep yourself occupied and really enjoy exploring the new and unfamiliar land. There is no reason to be scared.

Turning off your phone

It is great to stay in contact with the people that you love back home, but try taking a few no-phone hours or days. This will help you to immerse yourself in your new surroundings. It will also allow you to have the objectivity necessary to review your life back home. You will have the time to be thankful for what you have and you will be able to realise what else it is that you want. Always take some no-phone time.

There are so many things to consider when taking a positive mind enhancing solo travel journey. From taking the time to evaluate your life, choosing a great destination and keeping a diary to enjoying yourself and having some time away from your phone, there are so many ways to make the most of the experience. So start planning your mindful solo travel adventure today and get the self reflecting time that you really need. 

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