Why These 17 Women Are Marching on Washington

Ever since November 9, women have been planning to hit the streets the day after Inauguration Day to make their voices heard. The organizers of the Women’s March on Washington (WMW) told The New York Times that the event’s platform is not “anti-Trump,” but let’s be honest: The rally is certainly a reaction to the election of a man who has proved himself to be nothing short of a menace to progress and women’s rights, not to mention just women in general.

But women are driven to march by more than…

My Secret Find: A Penthouse by the Sea in Ecuador

Here are some of the reasons I’ve been a fan of La Entrada, a small fishing village three hours northwest of Guayaquil: Hearty breakfasts on the terrace at Villa de Los Suenos, in English, the House of Dreams (; enormous langostinos and fish delivered fresh-off-the-boat and ready to grill; long beach walks on a serene 8-mile beach and a sweet chocolate lab appropriately named Choco. 

It was sheer serendipity that brought me to Villa de Los Sueños in 2013 af…

Beirut is the "Paris of the Middle East"

Following World War II, Lebanon’s capital, Beirut, became a popular destination for international tourists on account of its thriving café culture, killer fashion sense and strong French influence. And despite a civil war that broke out in the 1970s and the ongoing conflicts with Israel, this bustling city, known as the “Paris of the Middle East,” has managed to retain a distinctive energy and eccentric soul. Delicious food options and exciting nightlife activities abound, and since 70 percent o…

The US Has a Kompromat Problem

If the ongoing WikiLeaks fiasco has taught us anything, it’s that the American media does not know how to effectively cover Russia’s alleged connection to the DNC and Podesta leaks or its supposed scheme to undermine American democracy. That’s because Russia is taking advantage of a free media environment, where the government cannot control how and what kind of information is disseminated.

The media fallout unseated Debbie Wasserman Schultz and put Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party on the…

We Regret the Error: Mistakes in Films and Television

Mel Gibson in "Braveheart"

We all love the escapism of movies and TV. We suspend disbelief and give ourselves over to the thrills, heartache and fist-in-the-air action that a few hours in front of the big and small screens provide. But everyone once in while we discover that some producers let their own imaginations run a little too wild. Despite the huge budgets and vast teams of consultants and editors, mistakes manage to slip through the cracks. Check out some ridiculous biggies on the list be…

Frugal Traveling: The World's Best Free Museums

Tate Modern

We love to travel and meet new people, absorb a different culture and learn about history. That doesn’t come cheap, though. Air fares, hotels, transportation, food, tipping and, of course, all kinds of attractions. That includes museums, of course. But sometimes we can manage to visit these buildings full of knowledge for free. You just have to know when and where.

Free museum passes is that what we’re talking about? That’s right. Even with a little bit of money, we can afford to see m…