Is US Alienating Allies Over Gaza Violence?

A UN Security Council Meeting
A UN Security Council Meeting

The gulf between Washington and the rest of the world widened Tuesday as a majority of UN countries expressed their distress and anger about violence along the Israeli-Gaza border, while US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley offered a staunch defense of Israel and blamed Hamas.

The chasm was most marked as eight members of the European Union lined up at the United Nations to call on Israel to restrain from using excessive force, on Hamas to ensure protests in Gaza remain non-violent and for a political resolution to tensions that left 61 people, including 8 children, dead after protests Monday against the US embassy move to Jerusalem, according to CNN.

"While recognizing the right to protect its borders, we expect Israel to respect the fundamental right to peaceful protests and the principle of proportionality in the use of force when defending its legitimate security interest," the EU members of the Council said in a statement.

The Europeans prepared the independent statement, they said, because of the Security Council's inability to express itself jointly – an indirect reference to divisions with the US.

Indeed, Haley, struck an entirely different note at an emergency United Nations meeting of the Security Council. She questioned why the Council wasn't discussing Iranian violence, whether there was any link between the violence and the embassy opening, and said the issue wasn't worthy of a UN meeting at all.

Image credit: AFP