Taiwan Upset Over Companies Siding With China

Taiwan Upset Over Companies Siding With China

Taiwan is calling out global brands that have bowed to Chinese pressure to treat it as just another part of China.

Taiwan's Foreign Ministry on Wednesday berated Air Canada (ACDVF) and Gap (GPS) on Twitter, accusing the airline of buckling under pressure and the clothing retailer of sending the wrong message to the world, reports CNN.

The public scoldings follow recent efforts by the Chinese government to get international companies to adopt its stance on Taiwan on their websites and apps.

China considers self-governed Taiwan to be an integral part of its territory, and comes down hard on any suggestions to the contrary. But Taiwan's government, which is currently controlled by a pro-independence party, doesn't recognize Beijing's claims.

It's upset with Air Canada for appearing to describe Taiwan as part of China on its global website.

Air Canada's site now lists destinations in Taiwan under the designation "CN," which is shorthand for China. The change appeared to have been made in the past few days, based on archived versions of the carrier's website. It previously referred to the destinations as being in "TW," short for Taiwan.

A spokesman for the ministry told Taiwan's main news agency, CNA, on Tuesday that it had asked Canada's biggest airline to rectify the issue.