The coffee culture in Florence

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The coffee culture in Florence

Florence is famous for its coffee culture. For a long time, it has been known as the home of the coffee culture in the world. Living in Florence is rewarding. The city has much more to offer than the coffee culture. The city is located in a good position for cheap flights and easy access to other cities. It has beautiful beaches, lakes, mountains, and art cities. The food is excellent, and so is the culture. Apartments in Florence are affordable, and you can easily find something to suit your needs. There are plenty of entertainment spots including Galleria dell'Academia, the Mercato Centrale, and the Boboli Gardens.

The Coffee Culture – How to Enjoy Your Coffee in Florence

Even though coffee did not originate in Florence, the coffee culture there is rich. Italians have a coffee culture that is different from other parts of the world. Some of their coffee drinking rules include the following;

• When taking coffee at the bar, do not sit down. Sitting down may be over four times more expensive than taking your coffee while standing

• Cappuccino does not go well with anything savory.

• What English speakers consider a latte (latte macchiato) is for children and expectant mothers

• Cappuccino is reserved for breakfast

• Do not drink coffee with your meals.

Most people who live in Florence get their coffee from coffee bars or make it a home. Most baristas in Florence can match the faces of people to their coffee preferences because they always have the same thing. The coffee culture is guided by some sort of a ritual. Florence residents enjoy a quick espresso (u caffe) several times a day while standing at a bar. The seats are often reserved for tourists. The preparation for espresso is very simple. It only takes seven grams of ground coffee. Other popular drinks are; cappuccinos, latte macchiatos, and caffe lattes.

What Else Can You Drink?

If you are not a big fan of coffee, Florence can still be a good place for you to live and have fun. Most bars serve 'Spremuta.' It translates to 'freshly squeezed orange juice from heaven.' The oranges in the city are amazing, but the bars provide you with sugar to add. They also serve hot chocolate (cioccolatta Calda). The hot chocolate there is not just chocolate. It is like melted chocolate with whipped cream. There are plenty of pastries which you can have as accompaniments. The pastries may be plain, chocolate, cream, or blackberry.

When visiting Florence make sure to find your way to fiBNB and be prepared to have the best time of your life!

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