Don’t Get Distracted By North Korea’s ‘Army of Beauties’

Don’t Get Distracted By North Korea’s ‘Army of Beauties’

Easier said than done.

Cherrypicked by the state for their beauty and musical talent, North Korea’s “army of beauties” is reasonably effective at stealing its audience’s attention away from the looming threat of nuclear war.

Lauded as “beautiful cheerleaders” by South Korea, the army consists of women in their late teens and early 20s from elite families in Pyongyang. To be selected, the ladies must be at least five feet, three inches tall and go through strict background checks to ensure there are no dissenters or enemy sympathizers in their families. The beauties are shipped out to attend important international events to charm foreign audiences, demonstrating to the world how beautiful and talented North Korean women are.

And that’s exactly what they did during a hockey match at the 2018 Olympic games on Saturday. Before a mesmerized audience, the army of beauties performed synchronized routines and songs at the Women’s Ice Hockey Preliminary Round. Dressed in red jumpsuits and white beanies, the cheerleaders clapped, held hands, and did the Mexican wave. They continued to chant after the game ended and everyone else left the arena.

Taking to social media, viewers agreed it was both hypnotic and kind of eerie.

Almost enough to make you forget North Korea’s threats of nuclear war and ominous nuclear testing. Almost.

Photo credit: Wikicommons