It's the AllStars, Warriors!


One thing you can say for these athletes -- they are in tip-top shape, their fitness is scary good, and they are so ready to #compete

It's the AllStars, Warriors!

It's been a fantastic off-season, and we've seen many new styles of #AmericaNinjaWarrior -- the #team competitions, the #US versus the #World, and more. Now we have the #AllStarANW, and it's out of this galaxy!

It's the AllStars, Warriors!

And if you say the word #AllStars, how on earth can you whittle down the list? It starts with two teams -- one for each commentator. 

How they decided, well, they will tell you how they chose each competitor. Just check out some of these #highlights! Then catch the show, or the On-Demand.

Don't forget the new #season #premieres soon on #Esquire! #Warriors #NinjaWarriors