Apple iPhone 8 rumor roundup: Everything we know so far

The next Apple iPhone is expected to come with a big change. Sure, we’ll still get an iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus at the annual September release, but this year there’s also expected to be a more advanced third iPhone dubbed the iPhone Edition. Or to you and me, it’s essentially the iPhone 8.

Here’s what to expect.

iPhone 8 screen

Rumors have been abound with leaks about Apple’s progress on this new handset. One pervading point is that we can expect a new OLED screen for richer colors and better battery performance.

This 5.8-inch curved OLED should run edge-to-edge with no bezel for an entire screen front. This is rumored to feature the True Tone smarts of the latest iPad which adapts colors to suit the lighting of the environment the screen is in. Resolution is expected to be a hefty QHD for more pixels than on any iPhone yet.

iPhone 8 build

The build of the new iPhone should also take a drastic change with an all glass front and back encased in a steel frame. The curves should be more pronounced in a nod back to the original iPhone’s shape.

Apple is also rumored to be working on a fingerprint sensor that sits behind the screen so you can continue to use Touch ID but while the front remains a full button-free screen.

iPhone 8 camera

On the back of the handset is rumored to be a new dual iSight camera system with up-and-under cameras that are more advanced than any Apple has made before.

Expect the front-facing selfie snapper to also be improved.

iPhone 8 release date

Sticking with the theory that the iPhone Edition is essentially a jump up from the iPhone 7S, then that means the iPhone 8 is arriving early.

Allegedly we can expect this next-generation iPhone to be released with the iPhone 7S this September. Apple usually shows off the new iPhone earlier in the year so expect to hear more later this summer.

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